Best Way To Grow Marijuana Indoors 5 Times Faster: How To (Product Review)

Start growing Marijuana in California. Thanks to California voters in Fall 2016, Proposition 64 was passed allowing citizens in this state that are 21 or older to …


  1. FUCK NO!!

    Not only is this a shitty idea, a shitty product, and a fucking terrible deal… it’s also made by Miracle Gro. And FUCK miracle gro.

    Everything about this, is just NO.

  2. fresh weed at hand if u need it saying it as if its just poof boom you got weed still gotta wait months before each good batch and gotta wait a week or two to dry the herb even after it grows so i mean if u end up getting good yield and it lasts a few months till next harvest sure you will have a good supply

  3. Negative replies are from tweakers and people who can't leave their shit alone while it grows. If you do it correctly, and keep your shit grabbers(hands) off your plant; this machine will take you from start to finish without fail and will grant full yield. Don't listen or pay any mind to anyone saying anything negative about this setup. It only fails if you get impatient or do something stupid.

  4. Any growers i know would laugh in your face,,you shouldnt promote it for weed ,,,it just wont do unless you wanna waste a couple months and electricity for what 10 grams ,,fuk that ive gotta way better grow goin than you could ever get in that pos

  5. It would be good for starters/clones , for a very short period , and would have to add a dome for humidity ….. Thats it!!!! Gimmick for NEWBS. If you like this? Ive got some swamp land for sale, Cheap, lol.

  6. I have a black thumb, so the Aerogarden Bounty is great! All my MJ seeds just sprouted yesterday. My question is this- when do I change it from the "seed" setting (high number of light hours) to the "grow anything" or other regular plant setting?

  7. This completes my research. Time to write to Santa and tell him (her) how good I've been this year. I should be "in the green" by St Patrick's Day. Thank you, dude.

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