1. You should dae a room tour mate, I likel the way its layed oot in the background in this video mate.
    Also, my hair is kinda long the noo kinda need a haircut but at same time a want to let it grow in but get heavy sideburns, a found your channel fae listening tae mog and that and your video rapping is in a playlist with mog's tunes etc. In that video you had shorthair like I usually have and as the videos go on its got longer, how you get your hairlong without having heavy sideburns and messy and that? Sorry fur heavy spamming mate and daft questions

  2. It shouldn't be called a war on drugs; wars end.
    Even said it on The Wire tv series, watch that bro its a good tv series.

    You should make a twitter, better than facebook av got twitter and facebook, and you got skype mate?
    I'm fae next tae glasgow. 

  3. The only reason all drugs including marijuana is illegal is because the government profit more from it been illegal.
    Million pound drug busts and that. Another thing they prefer people not thinking themselves.

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