1. Hey, I told you awhile ago, to tell your mother that those plants are not like regular house plants. So, dont over water, them. Also, ya shouldnt give them too much of that miracle grow fertilizer. Too much of it, could damage ya plants.

  2. next time you do a grow make sure your spraying with an all natural bug repellent sense your outdoors before you get too far, and make sure you don’t water them like that because it causes over watering and droopy leaves, also make sure your not spraying anything other than your basic fertilizer cause weed plants are very sensitive and need very specific care.

  3. Invest in a product called mammoth P. I’ve used it in my last few grows and was having the same defiency as you with the spotting. It activates the phosphorus in the nutrients so theyre immedietly available. I use this in organic to treat defiencies for phosphorus since organics is slow release but it can be used in synthetics too. Not too much or you’ll burn your plants. Also you dont need to use all 3 nutrients depending on what kind of soil you’re using.

  4. If you put the milk/water mixture in your soil instead of on the plants around end of veg and or week 2 of flower they will be very healthy Plants throughout flower And The trichomes will be heavy asf but keep doing your research I fw your channel

  5. I tried to place one of my plants outside
    Got damn wind blew my shit completely sideways Lol smh like everyone els said gotta mix each part 1 by 1 never at the same time ! Shit looked beautiful tho ! Soon I’ll walk into my own forest lol

  6. As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

  7. They say 5:1 or 6:1 water and rubbing alcohol is good for killing bugs in a spray
    Bottle even during flower and cut off the leaves and buds with bugs.. also I seen a video after harvest of outdoor… he took his buds and did a 3 stage wash…. first with a water and peroxide wash, secondly baking soda , lemon juice and water… then lastly fresh water…. let buds strain for a day before hanging to dry… just stuff I’ve come across

  8. Need to revise your newt schedule. That's fungal rust all over, quit spraying so much. Get some air moving install fans you won't need to spray at all. Won't get mildew, plants stacking well though. Spray bottle gone! Build them roots early for water and uptake, PH after adding newts, soil needs to be loose and crumbling, move air them plants should dancing. Genetics, not all are good and all, seeds are good !

  9. I'm old so I stick with keeping it simple. Don't over work a grow with feeding. It's a weed it will grow with little care. And I have tried all of the "Natural" methods… always a fail. but you're going to have to see it for yourself. Baking soda is not meant for plants period. It WILL mess with the plants PH.

  10. Love watching your vids ….all I know is once you get it dialed in your crops are gonna be fire your doing the damn thing we all make mistakes I fucked my flowering plant up with light stress so now I’ve got seeds in my bud but hey it’s my first grow and it doesn’t look too damn bad I wish mine would get as big as yours

  11. I grow with the same nutrients line , you shouldn’t mix all the nutrients together and then dump into bucket you should dumb in one and a time a stir after adding each nutrient 🤙🏻

  12. Not stupidity, just lack of knowledge, dont let anyone tell you that! I want to see how much you will improve next yr. Its not what you want, how you get it is the question. Push your self, dont give up, be determined in your goal. REASEARCH REASEARCH REASEARCH

  13. Always mix the micro first or it won't mix good and never spray your pants with anything especially in flower but if you do try getting peppermint oil works like magic for lots of stuff and won't hurt the plants. but try spraying early morning or the evening never with direct sun will cause it to look like it's dying

  14. Firstly, awesome job on the grow, this is how we learn trial an error. I normally follow this pattern and generally don't run into too many issues. Try using just water no nutrients for the first 4 – 5 weeks from seed maybe a little slow release fertiliser in the soil. Then add half the dosage of NPK for another 4 – 5 weeks, then adjust the nitrogen down and increase the BLOOM nutrients slowly over the next 5 weeks followed by a few weeks flush of plain water and harvest. Best of luck😄

  15. You were right about the mildew, the mildew will release spores and it’s all bad after that… I use neem oil and I spray at night when the sun ain’t up to prevent burn … but you doing good tho, love the transparency abs update

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