Autoflower Window Grow – From Seed to Harvest Beginner Guide

Northern Lights Automatic Window Grow From Seed to Harvest in 106 Days Every step explained to make it easy to understand for new beginning growers …


  1. I'm growing mine in some "cheap" soil from the store that has some worm castings mixed in it (no special fertilizer added though, about 12 euros for 40L), and made a 50/50 mix with light brown peat (about 8 euros for 100L) and then added a royal amount of vermiculite (1/3). I planted the seed directly in it, in a 20L fabric pot and she germinated in about a week. Works out very well, she seems to like that particular soil mix. I myself grow my "fun plants" in a grow room though, underneath a 1000W full spectrum LED (real wattage average of 100W, covering 2×2 during flowering and 2,5×2,5 during veg) to stay stealthy (crap laws here). As for fertilizing her, I only started adding (a low amount of) PH Perfect Technology when she started showing nutrient deficiencies (lower leaves started turning yellow) which was about when she grew her 3rd set of nodes, and then gradually raised the amount of nutrients as well as the amount of water. Since then she picked up quite the pace, I must say. She has tripled in size – specially in width due to some LST – over a period of 2 weeks and just yesterday she started showing her first little flowers (I'm counting 8 for now, and by the looks of it more will follow). Right on schedule, I must say. Buying an air scrubber very soon, as the smell has intensified by A LOT all the sudden. LOL

    I'm amazed to see that growing behind a window can give that kinda result. You have the green thumb, for sure. Well done!


  2. I really enjoy your videoes bro you just talk STRAIGHT truth and there is never any bullshit around you.. always just basic i formation you can use you are a great help if you see my videoes i grow Quick ones beacuse of you actually !! Thank you brother plz keep growing !

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