ASMR Foot Massage with CBD Oil | Relaxing Feet Pampering, Triggers and Tingles with Jen Hilman

Massage Model – Maressa Lynne, Empowerment and Intimacy Guide: Welcome, friends! Thanks so much for joining me today.


  1. I'm a fan of Jen as a yoga instructor, she's really the best.. but never seen a foot massage video, looks very relaxing.. the voice is amazing, so soothing.. like a meditation voice

  2. Jen please can you do a eye contact to the camera ASMR face massage video. Like whisper meditation guide and massage around the camera while whispering making us feel like you are massaging our faces? I think that would be nice… Even if its just a 10min video.. you know, to see if people like it.. I think that would be awesome. You have done it before on your meditation guide meditation video in the forests a few years ago. Just a suggestion.

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