Ask Dr. Nandi: Tests show bootleg marijuana vapes tainted with hydrogen cyanide

There are now 12 deaths and 805 cases of lung injury linked to vape pens. While the numbers continue to rise, 18 THC cartridges were tested at a leading …


  1. So keep attacking Legal and responsible vape shop owners, adults and FLAVORS.

    I saw one of the Teens in my grandson's Discord room and she said that she did smoke THC but there was no way she was going to tell her mom or dad. And there was another adult out of Texas who claimed that he also smoked the THC that he had obtained in California. But the news cut that part of the story out.

    Sounds like an attack on vaping in general. Not so concerned about finding out what's killing the kids. Just concerned about making those of us who really needed vaping in order to kick 20 and 30 years smoking habits "criminals".

    That's what vaping was designed for. US ADULTS. BUT, MARLBORO jumped in and created JUUL – More Nic than even i could handle! They marketed to young people – like big Tobacco does!

  2. Where can I buy these black market bootleg lung disease cartridges that are still avaliable? My brick and mortar, store bought & reputable manufacturer juice is no longer legal but was available for over 10 years. I'll bring some cash and hopefully find some of this new black market stuff on Skid Row. I hope they still accept my coupon.

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