1. I'm trying to find the right CBD dominant strain, and make a tincture that hits right away, for the end of the day, after my meds wear off. I'm microdosing 5mg. The Xanax helps my anxiety, but it has a downfall; it acts as if I have drank a beer, and that is not good for me under stressful situations. I have to take x just as my head hits the pillow, and only when needed.

  2. I ate my first edible 5 days ago. The high was just as awful as smoking it! I was really hoping it would chill my brain out and it only made things worse. Yes, the anxiety becomes way worse. My mind over thinks EVERYTHING! Lol
    You described it exactly as I feel. So not going to try it again.
    Also today’s pot is soooooo much more potent then what I smoked in the 70’s!
    I deal with MDD also and it can be a living hell. People don’t, or won’t understand it and that can be so disheartening.
    Anyways, now I am micro-dosing Shrooms. I put them in a coffee grinder and fill up empty capsules I ordered through Amazon and I’m taking 1 capsule every 3 days. I just started my first dose today. I am so hoping this works. Running out of options.

  3. hi i just saw you posted a video on tiktok about adderall and i wanted to reach out and get advice on something. i went to a psychiatrist on the 4th for an adhd screening and while my psychiatrist said i dont have adhd i definitely have an attention span problem and most likely autism, so she prescribed me adderall. my mom scheduled a follow up appointment for october which is to see how the medicine is working and she hasnt even picked it up from the pharmacy yet. she talks to other family members about probably not even picking it up at all and my dad constantly nags me not to take it, so i was just wondering: what should i do?

  4. I smoked for well over 20+ yrs! Mary Jane was my bff! Now… I cant smoke at ALL! I have immediate severe panic attack if I do 😭 I tried again a couple times and NOPE! Even CBD with thc does the same 💔

  5. I stopped smoking weed bc of that same thing…weed always gave me anxiety and I like my room cold so I need a big blanket when I sleep. If any part of my body is out of the blanket I start to trip and think I’m having a heart attack..I start talking to myself and telling myself to sleep or I’m gonna die.i hate edibles and will never do drugs again after that day I realized maybe I can have a heart attack..the amount my chest was pumping was clearly not good

  6. Hi Eric,
    Edibles make me so ANXIOUS & almost a drunk feeling that I hate.. I just lay down & go to sleep to get rid of that feeling.. Over the last 2 months I haven't even wanted to smoke my cartridges bc it used to be calming but now even smoking it makes me anxious instead of calming more often than not.. BLESSINGS 🙏

  7. When you feel this way your talking about and anxious..do you think its because your scanning your body and the trigger which is a symptom the feeling makes your anxiety shoot high! Do you have health anxiety?

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