1. This is my first official day since allowing myself to run out of herb. And I am just so tired. Like, physically. I’ve just gotten out of a 5-year relationship that was very toxic, and in the last 1-2 years I began relying on weed as a coping mechanism so that I didn’t hate my life so much.
    But now, I’m realizing that it just doesn’t serve me anymore and it’s just keeping me from feeling motivated to push further as an individual. I’ve fallen back on any discipline I’ve tried to engage in, be it working out, or reading more, writing more, even making the effort to have a social life again. I’ve been social distancing my friends since long before COVID. I’m hoping as the weeks go by, I won’t just wish deep down that I could get high. But for now, I’m just tired.

  2. Something that many people don't mention is weed actually sabotages your sleep! REM sleep is drastically reduced. Moreover, it is sometimes hard to get to bed since weed makes your mind wonder from one topic to another.

    I used to admit this when I was smoking and my friends would say it was in my head. I decided it was my own quirk, but I now actually believe they were just in denial. That or they were used to the drained foggy feeling: that was their norm!

  3. 😔😔😔😔😔gonna be so hard I’m so used to smoking it first thing in the morning but I really wanna stop coz don’t like the person I am anymore, it’s made me soooo para and my perception on life is fucked

  4. 62 days now i feel a lot better than even the last time i quit which lasted 300+ hundred days. I think a big part is getting rid of all the negative associations/influences in your life (as much as it sucks and you want to go back) you can stop the act but if you don't change the environment and your perspective you're just going to go right back into that habit you need to evolve.

    I spent the last 2 years clearing up that aspect of my life while still smoking here and there. Until 62 days ago i wasn't ready to give it up completely, i feel a ton better without that influence in my life. I've had to move, change my job and get on a better path, limit contact with my old friends that are bad influences, start doing activities that are good for me (they were never as fun as when i smoked). Now I've been going to school and working a lot more I cleared myself from debt and i'm ready to start a family soon. I didn't really want to quit the idea scared me, i feel a ton better without weed in my life my outlook has changed. Honestly, this quarantine has helped me as well i realized that all weed was there for was to numb me from the pain that i had in side and to keep me running from bad feelings I had to face myself and get used to feeling for once.

    Often even recently I would have major cravings and thoughts like "life just sucks, whats the point of it all might as well smoke" could not get any joy I think that's just your brain re wiring itself because you're constantly spiking your brain with hits of dopamine. So, it does get better and this is the time to really get introspective and consider your life and the choices you need to make.

    Also, I have the most intense dreams now every night. I used to not dream at all I mean just fall asleep wake up and repeat no dreams. Now i dream constantly every night.

    Just keep moving forward and find that reason to move forward.

  5. I am a writer. I remember a week ago I stopped smoking for about three days and my brain was functioning in a way I had never seen before, my thoughts were in order, when I spoke I was coherent, and when I wrote it clicked immediately. The day after I decided to smoke weed to reward myself and I have been smoking continuously since then. Today I am deciding to quit for sure, because now my brain is working a lot slower, I find it harder to find motivation, and when I do get myself to writing, it doesn't click like before. So I'm going to give it a try and see how this helps me. Awesome video by the way

  6. Great video. I'm on day 7 of quitting. Already feel more energized and motivated. I've been on 2 runs so far- something I've always wanted to get into but never had the motivation to do. Can't wait to feel like my old self again. For 2 years I've had absolutely no personality, no goals, no drive. 7 days ago I just got so sick of it. Sick of never having anything to contribute to a conversation. Sick of forgetting things at work all of the time. Sick of doing nothing but going to work and coming home and getting high. I lost 2 years of my life to weed- they were all a blur. I am excited to find myself again. Thanks for the daily boost!

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