1. Im low stress training a 2 month old plant i just did it like a couple hours ago but idk if im doing it too early , my plant is way too small lol its not even on a 5th set of leaves, itd look like im going for a bonsai but im not lol i just wanna get my plant to spawn out without topping for the least ammount of stress for as slow as they are growing i dont want them to get stressed .

  2. ๐Ÿ†”๏ธ๐Ÿ”ž&๐Ÿ‘I bend and top it truly is only way to grow without stress like super cropping .if you start clone or seed on the side of pot.then bend it covers the pot area better.looks like space is not a issue for you tho.

  3. Great video thanks so much. Just a quick question, once I have bent the lady should I trim the big leave to allow her to force her energy to focus on the small shoot going up? Once again great video, great help

  4. Bit confused, at the very end you show the plant bent a very specific way, to one side, but then say be careful about bending it to one side because it can get too heavy.. can you just explain a bit more what you mean by that.. Just keep bending in different directions?

  5. Is it okay to top before bending? And If topped, is it okay to trim all the way down? I know someone who had done both he topped and trimmed all the way down and then bent it after. Would you recommend doing it that way?

  6. When you bend at that young stage do you ever remove any of the fan leaves that can be covering potential colas or new growth? Or will the new growth over pass the older fan leafe?

  7. Loved to video man, im in this exact spot.. bending without topping.. i thought maybe i had messed up because without the topping there is no symmetry and i was wondering what my next bend should be. But seeing as you wrapped your plant around the pot, I will definitely do the same.. i really like your jungly results.. hoping to achieve that myself! Thanks again for the highly informative video!

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