1. I make my soil with compost, compost teas, zeolite, basalt rock flour, ash and effective microorganisms. The homemade Terra Preta is only good enough for plants in 2 years. I use charcoal and urine for Terra Preta. Humic substances and fulvin substances compensate for slight nutrient deficiencies. Still, my plants aren't as magnificent as yours. Humold Seeds are better in California than in Europe. Nevertheless, the flavors are varied and interesting.

  2. Stretch them out to the last full moon if you can. Assuming you have the moon on that side of the earth at night. A old grower teach me that at full moon the weed plant has a reaction to its chemicals. Growing by the cycle of the seasobut also using the moon as a indicator. You did a great this season considering the situation . ,/,,

  3. Be careful if you use the cover crop with your plants next yr.Your plants must be lare enough when you put them in the pots or your cover crop may prevent the roots of the plant from growing because of the covercrop taking up all the nutes..My buddy actually had his plants strangled by his cover crop..there was very lil roots on the plant when he transplanted them into the big pot! Keep it growing ya'll did alright this yr considering all of the environmental concers ya'll had. As well as those damn mites..i had a moth problem with my tomato plants last year ever time it rained moths would lay the eggs before hand and when the rain came so did the larvae and they were really hard to find considering they were the same color as the plant..they who just eat the whole damn plant if you would have let them..Normally dont eat fruit but mine went in and out the fruit just to ruin it..lil bastards. Have a great day and a better tomorrow man! Peace!! Richy Rich out!!

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