1. Or when you pay for a taxi to work cos you think your late for a night shift but ain't really working that night. Like this dick head and have to walk all the way back home but had to stop and make a fatty for sure

  2. I don't know how to explain it but like when you're high and then you're excited to say something but you can't and then you start laughing and then you feel your brain go all weird. And sometime i feel like i can control the rhythm of my heart beat. Maybe thats just me

  3. One time I was so stoned that I saw leaves that looked like a baby standing and I got closer, it turned into a water hose then I got closer and it was just flowers and leaves and I was like, tf

  4. Getting so stoned that you feel there's a purpose for you living in life and how everything is connected in a weird way, you sort of feel one within the universe instead of just part of it, idk it's kinda hard to explain but every time I smoke I feel this

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