1. i have anxiety since I’m 5 years old 😕 I went to a psychologist and it stopped for a bit but it came back when I was 9. Then it went away because I moved to a new school and got new friends. When I hit puberty at age 11, I came back again worse than ever. It made me depressed too. I’m about to hit 3 years with severe anxiety and depression. I always pitty myself but now I really want to get better to enjoy my life to the fullest. I’m waiting for the next course to open ‘cause I’m 2 days late 🙂

  2. Awesome, I'm gonna quote you:

    "We like to make sense of the world by identifying ourselfs with an emotion…the truth is you're not an anxious person, you're a person that experiences anxiety, massive difference"

  3. I’ve basically been anxious since I hit puberty. When I’m deeply engaged in a pleasant activity, I might not think about my anxiousness, but the moment I do any kind of self-reflection, my anxiousness becomes noticeable again.

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