1. You know why people who smoke don’t tell other people that weed is great for lifting? Because they don’t care what you do. Just do what works for you bro. Everyone’s different

  2. 8th of some Gelatti(the weed not the food) 10 sets of 10 of pull ups. 10 sets of 30 of push ups. 5 sets of 5 on bench.(225, I weigh 162. I’m 5’7) another like….2 grams of a hybrid. Then just squat with 225. Sets of 6-12 til I can’t stand 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Truthfully. Marijuana helps my work outs. Like you said Bradley use in moderation without abuse of course. I feel as it helps jumpstart my vascular system to get a pump kinda like a preworkout. 2 puffs n BOOM! READY TO ROCK!!!

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