With marijuana legalized in Illinois Jan. 1, Racine County sheriff warns: `We`re going to arrest you

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois starting Jan. 1, 2020, and while Wisconsin residents can purchase it in Illinois, it cannot be brought back into …


  1. As long as your smart about it, you shouldn't have any issues. Don't drive while high, don't leave the weed exposed inside the car, and so on. You can't stop it. Wisconsin's glory days of people driving from Illinois to get a drink at 18 are long gone over, now the tables have turned and it's Illinois's time.

  2. Damn Wisconsinite cheeseheads why can't they stay on their side of the border….go home….build the WALL

    I know I know it's insensitive & I'm deliberately being a jackass with all the stupid racist crap that I find in every other YT video even if it doesn't pertain to politics some idiots still place their racist rhetoric. I was just joking with the whole threat of crossing the border.

  3. All this tells me it is time for the Federal Level of Government to set aside the Prohibition 18 law. Good luck Wisconsin. If you can't beat them, then it is simply better to just join what other States are otherwise doing. The difference between Opiates from drug companies is you have to carry Narcan to save a life. If you know of someone who smokes the dope, all you have to carry with you is a Twinkie or better known as a portable sponge cake.

  4. I hope Wisconsin loses millions. The residents of Wisconsin overwhelmingly want marijuana but the pigheaded politicians seem to have their own priorities.
    Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald need to be shown the door.

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