Why to Legalize Marijuana (Funny) – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 19 – with JP Sears

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  1. … This is not so funny you know, marijuana should be legal and cultivatable in our garden..just because we like to have some good quality pot to fuckin Enjoy without having to give a fortune each time to smoke shit . Pain relief without it being an opiate. No excessive withdrawals from it either although it can be slightly "addictive". This should be enough Reason. I am just saying it in case you make fun of the importance for it to be totally tomato legal. Don't go so cynical with marijuana guys

  2. giggly weed is the best. I live smack in the middle of around 12 pot retail shops in Washington State, within a mile.. Starbucks has been moving out, and they be move in. It did help heal my health but that didn't stop me. If you are going to get sick I must say that it's a good idea to catch something that responds well to pot.

  3. Everybody has a little cancer..My cancer cure causes a little euphoria. That's why they made it illegal. Can't be having any euphoric cancer patients walking around, especially if they don't have cancer anymore.

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