Why the MORE Act could HURT Joe Biden in the 2020 Election • Cannabis Legalization

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  1. Yeah who are they asking? I never had a chance to take this poll and you already know if everyone in the country was a part of that poll it would be around 70% in support for legalization! I was looking forward to today but just got the news and I'm beyond pissed off!!! This government was never ment to have any kind of power to tell us what we can and can't put in our bodies especially when that is the first step in forcing us to put whatever they want in our bodies!!! Vaccines, microchips, poisons in general!!!! They are keeping us from our God given rights and keeping us trapped in their twisted system, this very unconstitutional system and there is nothing in the constitution giving them power over our bodies, there nothing at all in there stating government has ultimate authority over our bodies, mind and souls!!!! I hate this BS!

  2. The Democrats in the House are the ones holding up legislation for the "Freedom of Marijuana" Amendment to the Constitution. They have one excuse after another. I'm sure it's difficult to hide all the pork that they want to stuff that sausage with. How about something simple and just declassify it, then send it to the Senate and stop dragging my feet around. Then just send a simple bill to purge all files of criminals with MJ only to the Senate and again stop dragging my, stop dragging my feet around. I'm convinced the problems for MJ was all because of the Democraps. Why don't they own up to it.

  3. If I were Trump I’d bring it up at any “debate” type of deal. I’d say this is so crazy how your party riots and loots for equality, and you politicians don’t act on rescheduling cannabis/ marijuana and keep them in jail. Just terrible!

  4. As long as cannabis gets legal, by hook or crook, it doesn't matter who runs the dispensaries, because in the end the corporate entities will buy up all the moms and pops or run them out of business.

  5. Bro i go to work everyday. Work my ass off. I just wanna come home and smoke a little before bed. But I can't beacause fear of a dam drug test. I gota provide for my family. I hate drinking. So the one thing that can relax me at the end of the day. My government says I can't have. But atleast I'm free right 😒

  6. I know one thing in PA we cant get rec because the Republican senate wont even look at our dem sponsored bill. Cause it will hurt there Corp friends price fixing there bunk med program all the grows here we are out priced by out of state investment money and our local economy is suffering. Those profits leave and we suffer. Trumo will have a very hard time winning PA and MI the Republican party screwed up hemp and didnt help fix it when we wrote our comment on 0.3 t we have to harvest immature plants now to stay compliant. Republicans are proabitionist that will not legalize unless tbey make all the $. Republicans wont expunge records they would have too much competition. I dont trust Republicans no more they are bought and paid for

  7. I was losing hope on the more act, but now after seeing this I feel like it’s not bullshit and it was delayed bcuz of elections. I’m so glad to see that the majority of republicans want the more act to pass, I was always scared bcuz it was usually them who were always against it.

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