1. You are younger but very wise. Please continue your mission & speak your truth. I’ve dealt with the same struggle with smoking weed and now that I’ve stopped I feel freer already. I love this video. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  2. Inspiring. I’m tryna quit myself but is so hard on me bro I just feel so helpless so I smoke my blunt but it doesn’t make me feel any better as a person. I hate weed but I just can’t stop smoking it. I just pray it all gets away from me🙏🏼

  3. you could say God spoke to you, but in reality it was your higher self speaking to you and guiding you. life is inherently meaningless, the goal is for us to find meaning and grow. be wary of christianity as it is a tool to control you

  4. I was in that same exact situation you. If I smoke its SO much fun for about 20mins. But when I start coming downish… Weed was just making me wonder about why I’m alive. Wonder what my purpose is. Think about how someday I’m gonna die. My family’s gonna die. And how it’s all inevitable. I would start getting insanely scared. Lucky you got out of those bad thoughts by getting god into the mix. Believing that he’s giving your purpose is actually helping you. The Pleacbo effect. Im not trying to tell you what to believe or convince you of anything. Just explaining why it can’t help me. Personally I don’t believe in anything like that. So I can’t unconsciously convince myself that I have a purpose, That there will be an afterlife, etc. So I’m just gonna stay away from weed. When I’m sober that stuff doesn’t really come to mind often.

  5. I know my flesh is weak but I wanna be strong in God I have been saved but for some reason I stopped practicing what I preach, I stopped smoking for 3 months then ending up smoking again when quarantine started opening back up, I’m so disappointed and ashamed of myself😔 everytime i smoke I feel terrible about it

  6. Genesis speaks of how herbs are for the healing of the nation. So before y'all trash on weed check yourself and how you used it cause 9 times outta 10 that's the problem not weed itself.

  7. Watching this now for inspiration. I’ve been dependent on weed for the last 5 years, every single day. Shits so hard trying to kick it and then you realize that your brain forgot how to naturally deal with stress and other problems and then you just feel like a kid again. Hope you’re doing well man.

  8. I used smoke 2 ounces a week and loved it for years and years I stopped after 10 years and I feel way better it gave me more anxiety instead of taking it away

  9. 😐never funna stop smoking what did YoungBoy say “smoking drugs cuz I need it so I won’t be come dangerous when u see me” y’all can’t control ya self😂

  10. Ive been smoking since college. Started when I was almost 19. Im 28 and I’m 2 days sober. I asked Jesus to help me quit because I am weak and insignificant and powerless. The next day I smoked my usual 4 bong hits, then the next day 3, 2, 3, 1 and now none.. second day but seeing this video lets me remember that every time i smoked i felt guilty. Im in love with a woman and i want ro be myself to treat her right and hopefully make her my wife but if that doesnt happen… shit at least i’ll be free from the devil

  11. Dude, I'm going through something similar right now. I just feel so lost right now in my life. Someone approached me with God's message multiple times and I completely ignored it. I regret it rn because I feel so alone and lost. I'm losing my motivation day by day. Thanks for posting this video it gives me some hope.

  12. When you get high it makes you avoid your problems instead of facing them. When you know Jesus and he fills you with his spirit and power, it gives the strength to overcome everthing. That why i quit smoking weed 5 yrs ago. Theres a better substance and its called being filled with Gods spirit #salute

  13. My turning point was similar. There was this Halloween party at my school and my bestfriend insisted me to go. I remember I was so hyped to go but I felt something in me that told me to not go. That day I heard God speaking through me by genuinely guiding me that day. I remembered that the party was at the same time that church service started. When I was going to change, instead of putting my casual clothes, I put on a white dress shirt, jeans, and some cherry air Jordan retro 14's (It was my first time trying to dress formally). God told me to go to church and I did. I remember sitting in the last row. I just sat down and prayed that whole service (it was a prayer type service). I felt God emptying me from all my sin and filling me with his love. I'm grateful for that, and I hope more people open their hearts to Christ when he's knocking on it. Don't be afraid to change. It's for the better of yourself and others.

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