1. Enjoyed the video, John. I don't do weed…but I DO do weeds. Knowing your weeds might keep you alive if you're ever lost. Getting used to identifying them AND eating them on a regular basis is essential…and downright healthy.
    Keep up the good work, bro.

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    If you eat chicken and beef regularly, you definitely want to try this. 

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  3. Look into Upper Cross Syndrome and search for Physical therapy exercises for your neck. Don't treat symptoms. Treat the problem. Exercise, stretching, sleep, and nutrients are all important for good health.

  4. Hi John, we bought our house two years ago and I started gardening in tubs in my backyard; tubs because I didn't have time to do a full garden because I was working full time and a year ago I quit my job and now I have the time to garden therefore, I started fixing my garden the way I like it and still on the process of improving more and planted in ground. My soil is sandy with lots of shells (I live near the ocean) zone 9 with 6.5 ph. so I amended my soil by adding organic soils / potting soil that I bought at Home Depot. Then I watched your video's and I just ordered my boogie brew kit through GYG. Per Josh when I talked to him better to order through GYG to get free shipping :). I am hoping that trying to apply more organic matters in my garden soil wil make it better and harvest healthy good crops. Also bought the pesticide josh applied in one of your video (neem oil and dr. bonners soup with rid bugs). Anyways, I also need help to get rids of weeds in my garden especially dollar weeds. Can you please give me advice on / suggestions on how remove them. I really am aggravated by it pulling them always but can't get rid of it. I also mulched my whole garden walk way using cypress mulch. I hope I will hear back from you soon. thank you so much.

  5. I'm in Australia, and I have killed more Ajuga than grown lol
    It needs more water than I have in my normal rainfall, and more shade than I've had available for it. I have had patch growing for a year, tucked under some gazania for shade, and its looking good, so I might finally be growing it successfully.
    I hope we catch up with the Cannabis legislation down here soon. Such a brilliant food/plant

  6. Hi JohnI live in Phoenix Az and rent so I have to do container gardening not having very good luck with growing tomatoes or peppers. the plants do well but the fruits  even the beef steak tomatoes are about the size little bigger than a golf ball. Could this be because our heat has been over  108 to 115 and up? Since our heat I'm not sure if I should start my fall garden with vegetables that could be started in Aug.Thanks for any help.

  7. Stinging nettle may sing your lips, but it's safe once inside your mouth – that has been my experience. My mom cooks them as she would spinach and I miss them very much – cannot find them anywhere!!

  8. Dude, I just medicated this morn., and was watching the three stooges and I'm looking at Moe and you really look just like him. Wow Man! Cannabis or vitamin C as I reefer to it. Is natures best not only healing the body but also aleviates the pain F the Gov.

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