1. two things, one Wikipedia is not a very accurate place to quote from, they tend to have a ton of false info. Two aquaponics is not automatically organic. You must not use any chemicals in your system. even PH up and down will remove the organic status. if you use all organic input you will get organic but on little bit of cycle, or ph up or water clarifieror anything like that and you are no longer organic

  2. it doesnt work very well for mj , u are trying to flower not grow veggies , use organic liquid nutes …..yeah sure it sounds good but doesnt work well , organic nutes and flush and there u have it ….

  3. Hah, I had this idea way back in 2010 when I found aquaponics 1st gen fish IBC totes. Let me tell anyone who knows this industry, this is not possible yet because the nutrient levels required for cannabis will kill the fish. You need a SUPER COMPLEX (beyond university level education) filtration system to do the system correctly. Also, the fish poop is not enough to grow proper cannabis, number 2 major issue. 2 universities in the US have videos on their lack of nutrients for basic tomato plants in aquaponics. Purdue has an awesome video, this kid seems like he just found out about growing and made a powerpoint for school lol. Hey, at least hes got a clever mind instead of just buying factofoods from walmart
    . Aquaponics is good for greens and small herbs, not anything more demanding like tomatos or cannabis

  4. I have a hydro shop, and I let a company set up a large aquaponics system in it. You can fine tune it like you can in hydroponics. And I had constant floods because the pipes would clog up with roots. A huge pain in the ass. I'm not saying they don't work. But more for lettuce and kale, tomatoes and peppers did not perform well in the system.

  5. Wow so now I gotta grow fish too? This is dumb I'm sorry but KISS people. Keep it simple stupid. To many running parts, to many variables. Why not just grow real organic herb with organic soil? If your going to fuck around with all this aquaculture then u might as well just grow hydro. Either go organic as in soil or go hydro. And don't even start to tell me that aquaculture yields will be even close to dwc yields, pull your head out of your ass.

  6. from what i have read it's hard to cultivate using aquaponics. Have you actually done this or are you just assuming it will work because it's a plant and aquaponics works for tomatoes or something? You haven't really shared any issues or anything that will definately be the major issue like nutrients for the plants, extra nutrients will be needed but some will kill the fish so what do you recommend for the nutrients the plants need that the fish cannot have? 
    I have not set this up so I don't know the answers. If you know what you are talking about can you please put up some information on the actual process of nutrients and the fish you used etc.

  7. I think it's the greatest gift Gods ever given mankind. Is to learn from the ant. And natures ways to best use them. Which this does. Now I just got so many ideas I could be an architect for this like people order pools or ponds or gardens.

  8. I personally grew this way it!! Works great. I did it indoor yield was marginal but going for round 2, now knowing what i can and cant do!! But yes Purely organic taste great. No chemicals no pests. And just to say i watched your video to see what the difference was between aquaponics and hydroponics and i did that i didnt have to pay anything which means i could care less that you got tounge tied or if your grammer

  9. very informative man, thank you.  I would suggest proof-reading for grammatical errors (particularly with the use of adverbs; i.e. "easy vs. easily", etc.)  It will give the video a more professional look and feel.  Keep up the great work.

  10. Great Video very informative clear and precise. i am currently growing in an under current deep water culture system that exceeds most other growing methods. i havent tried aquaponics but im so eager to know. how many fish does it take to grow 1 plant?

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