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  10. CANCER
    If people knew the Truth About Cancer, they might not support the Cancer Lies wearing Pink. Cancer was cured in the USA as early as 1918.
    1. Politics in Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine by Daniel Haley 
    2. Cancer The Problem and The Solution, Dr. Johanna Budwig
    3. A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and The Cure of Advanced Cancer By Diet, by Dr. Max Gerson
    4. A Solution To The Cancer Problem, by Dr. Cornelius Moerman
    5. The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, Jim Marrs
    6. Racketeering in Medicine, The Suppression of Alternatives, James P. Carter, M.D., Dr.P.H.
    7. DVD, Dying To Have Known, The Evidence Behind Natural Healing, Steve Kroschel
    8. DVD, Cancer – The Forbidden Cures, by Massimo Mazzucco
    9. Dr. Rudolph Virchow, "The Cells Heal Themselves" 1855 Cellular Pathology 
    10. Search for Dr. Royal R Rife (Cured Every Know & Unknown Diseases by 1930's His Cancer Cures Silenced)
    11. Search for Harry Hoxsey ( Cured Internal & External Cancers in 1920's)
    12. Search for Dr. William F Koch (Gave Cause & Cure of cancer in 1918)
    13. A Solution To The Cancer Problem, by Dr. Cornelius Moerman
    14.The Cure for All Diseases: With Many Case Histories Dr Hulda Regehr Clark
    John Burns
    UMOJA Research, USA

    Although Dr Willian F Koch gave the Cause & Cure of Cancer as early as 1918, Otto Warburg, in 1931, claimed the “Prime Cause of Cancer” is the replacement of the oxygen respiration in Normal Cells by the Fermentation of Sugar.

    Note: Cancer Cells cannot live in an Oxygen-Rich Environment. Dr. Harry Goldblatt concluded, “The Lack Of Oxygen Plays A Major Role In Causing Cells To Become Cancerous”.

    The Primary Cause Of Cancer Is The Replacement of Oxygen in the Respiratory Chemistry of Normal Cells By Fermentation Of Sugar. The Growth of Cancer Cells is a Fermentation Process which is initiated Only In The Relative ABSENCE OF OXYGEN.

    Anaerobes, or Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, E. Coli, Viral Pathogens & Cancer cannot survive in any environment with high Oxygen Content. HEALTHY CELLS NEED OXYGEN.

    When Poliovirus was exposed to .21 mg/liter of Ozone, after 30 seconds 99% of the viruses were inactivated.

    Viruses are RNA or DNA genetic material, Not Both. Because they only have half the required genetic material, they cannot reproduce on their own. Viruses attach themselves to the inner RNA or DNA of the Host Cells and use this genetic material to multiply themselves. The metabolic waste of the viruses overwhelm the body’s ability to eliminate it and the results are Illness.

    Ozone is Electrophilic and seeks to balance itself Electrically with other material with a corresponding unbalanced charge. Viruses & Diseases carry this unbalanced charge which attracts the Ozone Electrophilic and is destroyed.

  11. Thanks for the primer. I figured it was challenging to find a cure but had no idea just how challenging. Can't blame folks for fixating on Big Pharma though. The Martin Shreklis of the world have done big damage to their PR.

  12. As usual, great job. So glad you pointed out how there are those who are, basically, irrational in their conclusions about big pharma and why we haven't any cure(s).

    When I had my chemo for my HPV induced tongue cancer (an up and comer these days), my oncologist told me that, basically, with chemo they are trying to kill all the cancer before the chemo kills the rest of you.

    Soph, do you script your amusing inserts like Sonic the Hedgehog? That is, is it planned or do they come to you as you are video recording and so you adjust on the fly? Or do they come to you while preparing your presentation? Or do they come while editing and you redo certain scenes?

    And, lastly, YES!, we do want you to do more on other therapies like hormone and immuno. I would think that computer analysis and AI have greatly enhanced research abilities in determining new understanding of causes and treatments.

    Oh, and lastly lastly, my cancer was treated back in 2011. I guess, officially, i am cured. But the thought always is floating around in the back of one's mind that it could come back.

  13. Thanks. This is such a big and scary topic and you've covered it well–as usual.

    If you can find an angle, a nice followup might be on the ways we use to try to find out if things will cause cancer. My father passed from the same rare brain cancer as Sen. John McCain and the cause for both was likely excessive Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. My grandfather survived several cancers caused by deliberate exposure of soldiers at nuclear proving grounds. Reliably determining ahead of time what things present an unacceptable cancer risk and communicating that risk properly to the public is pretty high on my wish list.

    FYI, "pick 'n' mix" might be one of those references that most Americans won't get. We have roughly the same concept but there's not really a common name for it. I'm not sure if enough of us follow you that it matters.

  14. With that said, I had an idea and maybe this is nonsense, don't know. I would value your input as I can obviously see you know much more about this than I do. Well that is an understatement. Ha ha.

    But on the targeted therapies or drugs… I was thinking about if a patient comes in and tests positive for a particular type of cancer, figure out the exact make up of this cancer as it pertains to the patient's exact physiology and then cultivate a cure tailored specifically for that patient and enough of it to treat the patient instead of some generic drug that is used to target a whole class of cancer as it pertains to everybody that has that type of cancer. I know the current pharmacological model we are living in right now requires pharma companies to get approval for an exact drug, so this would require us to expand our definition of what an approved drug could be. It probably would require some modification of drug laws to include this new type of medication. It might be nightmare to classify it but it could be tremendous benefit to cancer patients to know that doctors could cultivate a specific cure tailor to the patient on the fly instead of waiting decades for an evil pharma company to approve something through legal channels. Granted what I just described is probably several decades or centuries away and by then perhaps we will fix some of our drug approval processes and corporate/government red tape but maybe it is something to start thinking about. Maybe some researchers are already looking into something similar already. My apologies if this doesn't make any sense, I am trying my best but alas I am an engineer so I don't really do this for a living.

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