When Vaping Goes Wrong

Dangers of vape pens on your lungs! Vapor is inhaled as a nicotine alternative, which can be harmful for your health. Here’s everything you need to know about …


  1. Facts are Vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Numerous studies have shown this, the British National Public heath care system as well as the Royal College of Physicians demonstrate this. For some reason in America, we have a fear mongering campaign going on, but the facts are clear. Vaping is vastly safer than smoking, and is saving lives as smokers switch to vaping.

    E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review


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  5. My friend who vaped developed pneumonia. I developed pluersy (lung lining inflammation) from second hand vapor fumes. We both recovered but I cant do near people who smoke or vape without getting breathing problems

  6. Aerosol my ass😂 water vapor nicotine and flavor is the only thing coming out unless your not paying attention to what juice you get, then you get all that plus formaldehyde. its just a simple case of idiocy in half of these cases plus anything other than oxygen into your lungs is harmful even normal air harmful 😂

  7. User errors, people needs to be accountable for their own actions! Can't blame on everyone and everything else around them. Are you under age, DONT brake the law, if you vape, learn hiw to use your equipment. This is just stupid. Iv been vaping since 2014, and my health has never been better. T

  8. I once worked with a guy who saw me vaping and he said, "I heard that puts water in your lungs uh durmp" I said yeah so does showers and drinking coffee, but your body isn't cold enough for it to condense in your lungs. Your lungs are already moist it isn't going to drown you. I dont do it anymore but I quit smoking for a year and only vaped and felt the best I have in over 10 years. Felt like I didnt smoke at all. If you use the right atomizer and dont be a dumbass and buy cheap juices then only the nicotine will do you harm and nicotine is about as harmful as caffiene

  9. One of my friends nearly died from vaping. He did tobacco smoking for awhile and then did vaping for a year. He had gotten lung disease and his family didnt help him pay for his medical bill as we tried to warn him. He now stopped smoking completely and feels like a stupid idiot he says.

  10. i want to start a no vaping campain after 2 years of vaping loosing weight and appitite if something was making me loose my appitite i would stop becuse you need to eat to live

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