When to TRANSITION NUTRIENTS from Vegetative/Grow to Flower/Bloom when growing marijuana

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  2. My tap is 700 ppm I've been feeding 1600ppm didnt know untill my new tester arrived.. they took it for 10 days just the littlest bit of tip burn (nothing).1st / 2nd week of flowering . diled back to 1400ppm … 1/3 fish 1/3 grow 1/3bloom .
    But my question:
    How strong should the ppm be with full bloom feed ?
    If they can take 1400ppm with grow / bloom mix ..
    Would 1400ppm just bloom feed be fine ?
    Thanks sir wizard

  3. 50/50 at week 3/4, Great tip thx.
    I'd love to hear more details. I've struggled with outdoor " transition to bloom " in my region for years.
    Obviously weather can be a factor here by the end of September.
    Central Ontario Canada.

  4. I could use some advice please… I switched over to bloom food (half dose) about a week ago. I just put the lights on 12/12, 4 days ago. My question is, Is it safe to switch back to veg food for the next 3 weeks? Any thoughts are much appreciated.

  5. New follower and grower.. thank you .. love your vids. Question.
    I know you say to run your flowers longer then suggested in most cases. When do we start the 50-70 day timer ish ? From when we flip to 12×12 or when we see evidence of growth.
    You may have coverd this. But I've watched a ton of your vids and cant find it.
    Thank you

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