What truckers need to know about CBD oils and marijuana laws

OOIDA’s Amber Schweer, supervisor of our drug and alcohol consortium, CMCI, has important information regarding CDL holders, marijuana laws and CBD oils.


  1. This lady just sounds like she can be a bitch. She must work for the government. She’s a alien. So I guess it’s legal for firefighters and policemen and all the other government officials to use marijuana but it’s not okay for truck drivers wow! Nice. It won’t be long now until the government buckles under for being fucking retarded dipshits and rule happy 😂😂

  2. I've never tested positive for CBD even taking the lowest legal thc level .03% but to be safe I usually just go no THC. Wizz test are pretty cheap At most head shops when in doubt..take one to be sure . no THC should mean NO THC if it is then that company should be out of business

  3. I smoke CBD cigarettes and I pass my piss test consistently. Now we can't keep in mind here CBD oil is differentiated because of how the hemp is processed to make the oil therefore the higher possibility of registerable amount of thc. If you choose to use keep Dollar store wizz tests with you and try to plan 3 days ahead of time 😉

  4. Let us Know the CBD that IS legal for us to take for our aches and pains that does not contain THC.
    Since you are doing studies. Why can't you help us do a study of CBD for OTR drivers who need it?

  5. its absolutely ridiculous that cannabis is even illegal. no human being or group of human beings can dictate what i can and cant do outside of work. drug tests are really only cannabis tests because of how long the medicine stays in your system while all other harmful things such as cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and meth only linger in the system for only up to 4 days maximum. Cannabis needs to be dropped from tests and at the federal level. I would definitely hire a stoner over an idiotic drunk or a pill popping addict anytime.

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