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  2. First awesome vid!! My mom is very anti weed but maybe juicing will get her interested (workout freak lmao) Second I have a plant growing right now and its my first plant…I'm really crossing my fingers that it is a female but in the case that it is a male; can I dry out, grind up the whole plant and use the grain alcohol method to make cannabis oil? It looks really efficient and seems to get the most out of the plant than most methods.

  3. Can sombody help me ? I have 3 male plants. I have 1 female. I know what to do with the female plant. But can i do anything with these male plants. I need 100% no bull shit. I need tips

  4. I recently watched some videos about making smoothies with the whole fan leaves. Simply put ice, hemp protein, or hemp hearts, bananas, peaches, a little milk and your leaves, and some honey in any good quality blender capable of liquifying and blend away. You drink the whole thing so you get all the fiber. They also taste great and seems like 6 to 8 leaves is all you need.
        Thanks for the video. Keep spreading the word.

  5. oh i wish i could get some of those leaves to put in resin like make you a toliet seat or something! so you know i am a cannabis virgin ……are the male leaves and plants not good or medically helpful?

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