What to Do When Your Dog has a Seizure

This video discusses how to look after a pet having a seizure. What to do when your dog has a seizure, signs to look out for that may predict a seizure, as well as …


  1. My 17yr old fur baby had a 6 second seizure and we took her the emergency vet right away because it was her first and only one so far. Thank you so much for this video and teaching me how I can help her if it happens again. She is my whole heart!

  2. My dog has idiopathic epilepsy and has been treated for over a year now but she's started having seizures again. She actually had a seizure as I was watching this video and is seeing the vet this morning. It's the second one in 24 hours. I'm never quite sure how to look after my dog the day after the seizures. The vet said keep her in a darkened room and don't take her for a walk, however my dog recovers from the seizures quite quickly and seems normal the next day. It stresses her if I try to keep her quiet with no exercise so I don't really know what to do. I'll be asking the vet this morning.

  3. My dog has really powerful sezuires where sometimes she lifts herself and flings herself backwards. I try to make sure she doesn’t hit her head by letting her land on me and she’s a small dog. I don’t exactly restrain her tho I let her legs move however I just don’t want her to injure herself

  4. Glad I found this video. My Pomeranian, Angel, had her first seizure this week!! Of course, I did almost everything wrong. She had been throwing up her breakfast and dinner the night before. Seems fine now, but we are seeing vet tomorrow just for a once-over.

  5. My dog was suffering from seizures but there are no seizures now but he is not ok suddenly he gets up goes here and there and looks like he doesn't know us I am giving him gardenal will he be okay with this tablet

  6. Thank you so much, my 1 year old husky has had 2 seizures in 12 hours and I'm sleeping with him tonight and I thank you so much for the info becuase I really didnt know what to do to help him🥺😔 and I pray he doesnt have one tonight

  7. 3 year old husky just had his first seizure today. Super stressful during the seizure. Symptoms seem to be leaning towards “Generalized Seizure”. Seems good now so hoping he gets better.

  8. Can the stress caused by the loss of another pet help trigger seizures? Has anyone experienced this before? My 11 year old dog passed away and my other 10 year old dog started having seizures a week after her passing.

  9. My pet is clingy all the time and he follows me all over the place and he's been doing that for years and then last night he had a seizure so are there any other signs to look for when my dog is having a seizure

  10. My dog had began crying out and shaking in the night so I went to the vet showed him the video of what looked to me like a seizure. the vet told me my dog had a broken knee. Over 2 more days he had 5 of what we were certain were seizures so we took him to a complete new vet that we had no insurance with. They diagnosed him with Kindey failure and said he had slight ligament damage in his knee but nothing severe. But they still can’t explain the seizures although their assuming epilepsy. My baby’s been perfectly health for 2 and a half years and this just comes out of no where 🙁

  11. I would also recommend putting a lead on when they are coming out of it. May not apply to all dogs but mine tends to pace around bumping into things in the recovery period, and its also helpful to stop them falling over.

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