1. calm down my friends, you're just having panic attacks. Wash your face and neck with cold water, breathe fresh air and drink something sweet. don't be afraid this will only take half an hour. Heart palpitations are not caused by cannabis, but by panic attacks. Your brain perceives cannabis as a danger and it releases adrenaline. Don't be afraid, adrenaline doesn't kill, on the contrary, it keeps you alive from danger. If you have any questions, please ask

  2. Not my first time smoking, but I definitely over did it. This fucked me up last night. I wasn’t really trippin until I watched her and I didn’t even realize it was fucking with my head until she said my brain won’t fall out. Plus the scenery in the background made my entire room look like I was outside in that exact same field. This video felt like I was watching it for 3 hours and it had only been two minutes. After I got off the video I was looking around the room for my brain and then when I couldn’t find it I went to bed and pulled up Netflix. I was gonna watch despicable me but I decided that it was too scary because the main character is a bad. Instead I watched how the Grinch stole Christmas. I was convinced he was gonna come in my house and take my presents. I’m 19. It’s September.

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