What To Do About Bananas On A Marijuana Plant

You might be saying what in the world do bananas have to do with marijuana plants. “Bananas” are the stamen of a male plant. But sometimes these stamens …


  1. It’s nearly impossible not get seeds on outdoors, especially in California for recreational growing. Pollen can travel miles and other growers are either breeding or growing male plants because they think they are female. The only way to grow seedless is in greenhouse or indoor where you have more control

  2. All these vids are confusing me if I water everyday for 8 10 weeks will I still get smokable buds? That's all I really care about all i want is a stash that's atleast give me some buzz

  3. I found 2 bananas on my prize girl this morning. She was about a week off harvest but she gotta go! First time I've ever seen this happen and appreciate you covering it! 🍌

  4. Do they continue to produce buds after they hermie or do they just seed the fuck out and if they do don’t they produce feminized seeds or autos or something like that

  5. nanners are completely normal on pretty much all cannabis strains. my 8 to 10 ounce plants in hydroponics will produce anywhere from one to four or five seeds total. it's nature working to sustain itself, and is completely normal for pretty much every strain, especially if you buy feminized seeds.

  6. People "complaining" about bananas, are the same people who turn around and buy feminized seeds of the same strain for an arm and a leg, lol….In short, if your female gives you few female seeds (late) in the grow, then thats a good thing.

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