What is Your Marijuana IQ? Anti-Marijuana Educational Video PSA

Marijuana Facts For Teenagers – Anti-Marijuana Educational Video. Facts addressing common questions regarding the use and effects of Marijuana, and how it …


  1. THIS IS THE TRUE STORY AND BEST EDUCATIONAL AND EXPLAINED IN BEST WAY VIDEO… however idk why ppl r dislikin it so much, i noticed that there is some things many ppl can not recognize them cuz they didn't felt them or heard of them but the speaker says all of the possibilities by different influence in many different situations that can have happen.

  2. @smokita1 wll theres a difference between addiction and just wanting to do it alot, ur body did not need marijuana to function properly, if thats the case, ur addicted to marijuana, but it is very mentally addictive

  3. some people say it aint addictive and all that bullshit… phhhhhhh i got addicted ,i was a fiiinnz on thiss ,its been a month i didnt touch this shit and i really feel better ,hope imma keep doin ma thang without it

  4. i will admit that when i smoke i have a bad reaction sometimes but i am not tempted to go out and buy crack or anything stronger i would be terrified to use these heavy drugs.

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