What is CBD? In 60 Seconds (Cannabidiol)

What is CBD? In 60 Seconds (Cannabidiol) CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a molecular compound that is a botanical extract of the industrial Hemp plant. Hemp is …


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  3. I've been using the "enjoy solace cbd salve" recently and it helped my soreness. CBD has already done so much to change the world and I feel like it will do even more in the future, it's sad that people don't realize some of the amazing benefits yet

  4. I can't support this until Hemp companies get behind the whole plant. Stop calling it 'hemp' and pushing for 'hemp' legalization, instead push for whole plant Cannabis legalization. There is no difference between 'hemp' and what is classical referred to as 'marijuana' other than what purpose they are bred for… ITS THE SAME PLANT. Us government propaganda created the term 'marijuana' in order to create cannabis propaganda and lead to criminalization. Thanks for another misleading video on cannabis… You can breed and grow 'hemp' strains that are over the legal limit for THC limit because it is just a cannabis plant. The only reason the THC is so low in 'hemp' the first place is through breeding. Cannabis can be used in many ways, we need to come together as a whole community not a misinformation spreading, corporate for profit campaign. Power to the people, jah bless, puff n pass.

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