What is a "Nail and Dome"?? (Cannabis Oil)

John sits down and goes over the standard use of a basic “Dome and Nail” set-up for Dabbing marijuana concentrates or cannabis oil. ****LIKE AND …


  1. Dig it brother. Subbed just cause you cuss the damn dome like me because I always hit the sides, lol. Also, after I watched some vids, I like your content. I first bought a press machine for Rosin and learned how to maker some beautiful golden medicine, then realized I now needed to learn how to vap it up. I have a small bubbler with a nail and always hit the damn dome, so now I have a larger rig with bowl (hammer?), but have learned I need a little ball and topper to get best hits. Kinda went into this backwards, but hey I have great Rosin and can learn to better hit it as I go along. Have to waste some to get it down I guess.

  2. I received a 19mm concentrate bowl & 14mm nail set and have no idea how to use it. The nail sits snug in the bowl, how am I supposed to supply heat to the nail? If I apply the heat to the nail, the torch will heat the bowl. Will that cause the bowl to shatter?

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