1. LOL! … no it I get, quite well………you haven`t a fuckin clue as to what your talking about ………. but we`re still waiting for your "molecular level studies"

    I do see your very well studied in "Palladium Weaponry", which everybody knows is JUST LIKE "molecular level studies" on cannabis……(snicker snicker)

  2. No I don`t think your "against" pot.

    I just think you must be very lazy in your "molecular level studies" to be unaware of the actual cannabis science at the "molecular level", by scientists and institutions who really DO know what they are talking about..

  3. @cyberpsygen7 Come on… everybody knows that it's actually 64.7% of stats that are made up on the spot. You're aiming a bit high there.
    Not all stats are made up on the spot though…. like the ones that have come out of studies, such as the one I pointed out. Show me a study where pot doesn't help with cancer, I can show you plenty of medical studies that claim the benefits. I think you meant collodial silver… Nano silver is used in vacuum cleaners and what not.

  4. @cyberpsygen7 For starters….. U.S. studies have shown the pot heads have a 62% less chance of getting certain cancers.
    As a medicine to cure diseases it is not to be smoked though…. you can't heat it at all. For pain relief and a few other ailments smoking is ok, but not the best way. Pot heads and And Medicinal marijuana users are not the same. You wouldn't judge a "legal" drug that people abuse like that, so why do it with Marijuana. Open your eyes.

  5. @KoschKff this is propaganda? Lol how stupid are you. Cannabis has saved people from cancer. It doesn't cure it alone, but it sure as hell helps. Why would we be ashamed for legalizing something with over 200 proven medical benefits? Why would we be ashamed of letting people live their lives how they want? Cannabis does little harm if you smoke it, and none if you eat or vaporize it. As long as you aren't a danger to society, which most people who use it aren't, how is it bad?

  6. Apparantely, this has been known since the mid 70s. Obviously, no one wants to rejoice about it. People tend to only do things for money. as long as people have cancer, hospitals will make a lot of money off them. It seems like people in the medical business don't want to see a cure for cancer

    were the stoned drivers also drunk by chance? oh and you don't have to smoke it(vaporizers), eliminating the threat of any cancer, oh and its not addictive by the way, do some research and do it unbiased

  8. @mmmmmarcus…………." it's just that I've actually studied cannabis myself all the way down to the molecular level!!"

    Really? ………..Then maybe you could point us to a link for your "cannabis studies"

  9. The endo canabinoid system heavily relies on very fundamental levels of our and life on this planets general genetic lineage. The potential knowledge entombed and is now observable is a gem alluring enough the most dull eye would catch it.

    Why with the cure for all disease- a golden age of lawsuit free elective procedures would elevate the average doctor to make more money- then the average hair weaver.

    Do not forget the AMA has called for rescheduling for the past decade regularly.

  10. Yes the canni balsaam plant is used in judaeic based fiath's which is all over the world, and even in Native American culture…Noah taught us.. Its, in the holy annointing oil, or the yoke breaker…is what we call it. Im a first born, of Hebrew stock, and the elders of Europe. So we were told, and even in the scriptures both Aramaic, Hebraic, and English it speaks of these matters. Cures leprous wounds, its the annointing oil, in the letter of James, at the end of his writing. also as food

  11. Can we please believe in the right ancient words???
    +6,000 years of use as a medicine.

    Let's LEGALIZE IT, so no more damage to our sick world would be inflicted by this harmful prohibition.

    And "test" after. (It has been done, we just can believe it's so good)

  12. @hoboboxerjoe I am so glad to hear that you were able to heal yourself with marijuana. Kudos my friend, may you enjoy health and happiness. This is one of the worst crimes against humanity, the fact that the government keeps this wonderful medicine away from us.

  13. @ruderevival, I was born with one testical, the other one died, went up into my abdomen and developed into a tumrous mass, I had it treated and removed. Later a cancerous lump developed on my last remaining testical. Not wanting to have dangerous surgery or anything else. I used oil, vaporization, and a few other techniques, within 6-8 weeks the lump (which was confirmed as cancerous) was gone. A further biopsy, bloodwork, testing, etc. showed it was gone. I told the doctors and they ignored me

  14. who says that marijuana is against the law? I mean… who says that marijuana is against the law? such a law applies only to those who willingly want to have a PLANT illegal. does not applies to those who understand that they do not cause any harm to others and only bringing goodness to self. ladies and gentlemen: this law is just a business and you are the one who pays the bills. enough said.

  15. @KoschKff You're right about that, marijuana is not holy, at all. But it does have amazing healing and medicinal properties. I believe that God created everything for a reason, and marijuana, I believe is supposed to be used to heal ourselves from certain illnesses.

  16. @KoschKff First of all, shouldnt it be someones choice if they want to use a substance that would potentially give them schizophrenia? And secondly i never said i smoke marijuana, and it doesnt say that anywhere on my channel so i dont know why you make the assumption that im too busy getting high instead of doing something about this issue. I am doing something. The whole reason i started this account on youtube was to inform people of the truth.

  17. @KoschKff You're the only one embarassing yourself. Unless you've tested the activities of cannabinoids on cancer cells particularly when smoked YOURSELF, you simply can't make assertions like this without being assaninely foolish.

  18. @KoschKff It is not total bullshit, you are just too ignorant and pigheaded to look into it for yourself. You're head is too far up the governments ass. We've been told since the 1930's that marijuana is an extremely dangerous drug that it will ruin your life, and the general public has bought into it. You are part of that crowd. The government has lied, they are liars they are not here to protect us, they are assholes. Marijuana cures cancer. I implore you, please do the research

  19. @KoschKff Yes Bob Marley did die of cancer, but wasnt aware of the proper way to go about using mariuana to cure his cancer. he kept on smoking, which didnt hurt him, but it didnt help him. In order to treat cancer with marijuana you need to extract the oils from the marijuana. Once you have the highly concentrated oil, you ingest it in small dosages, slightly increasing for about 2 to 3 months. If you would have done the research instead of calling me an idiot, you would have known this.

  20. @ puritain1, read about The Gerson Therapy. Then get a good juicer and get ready to juice greens and carrots. Wheatgrass is excellent for combating cancer. Also get some apricot kernels! (high in vitamin B17 which is great for combating cancer.)

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