What Happens When A State Grows Way Too Much Weed (HBO)

When Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, the state decided to make the market as free and accessible as possible. It didn’t cap licenses, or restrict access …


  1. I know im late,,but how bout stop being stupid and just let whoever wants grow their fucking own in their own households!! Hell u can keep a law on selling on the street so u make u alil $$$ have fun,,,feds get on the program mfers!!

  2. Good! I hate that weed is a "gold rush" item. I hate that people were looking at legalization as a way to get rich.

    Those yuppy growers all sound like big tobacco

    It should be as cheap and available as oregano, possibly less because its easier to grow.

    I also dislike how regulated it is. You should be able to sell it like sage at a farmers market.

  3. Capping or limiting growers with high fees shouldn't be the answer either, that route is causing problems elsewhere leaving mostly high dollar corporations and Wall Street cashing in and small businesses not able to survive.

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