What Does it Take to Build a Multi-Million Dollar CBD Business?

Wonder what it takes to make it in the CBD business? Come take an inside look at how Extract Labs operates! Founder and CEO Craig Henderson provides a …


  1. Wow, really impressed with this Guy’s message. I have been dabbing their Green Crack and AC Diesel crumble for a few days now and I am super impressed with the potency and terps. I am a heavy user(5-15 derbs daily) and as much as I love THC, I don’t need my head to be full of it 24/7… anyways, this company’s product hits like genuine Mj concentrate but doesn’t Feel like you have a THC Bubble around your head… Feel me? Much gratitude to company’s like this. Happy Dabbing Fam<3

  2. I want to get into the CBD industry…but all this lingo, "tincture, isolate, etc…" so much to learn and understand. Nevertheless, if I decide to enter the industry, I hope to connecting with you. Your company seems super genuine and high quality.

  3. I am a big fan of Extract Lab! I suffer from back pain for many years and tried absolutely every natural product/therapy in the world. Someone mentioned to me about this product and I decided to give a try. I ordered Full-spectrum 4000mg. Now is over a year that I wake up in the morning to do my yoga practice feeling free of pain. A new me emerge since then, changing the perspective of my life. Everyone who I interact with from this company is compassionate and willing to help. Ramona is one of my favorite people form Extract Lab as she is always willing to do that extra step and her customer services is outstanding.

  4. Your products help me with the symptoms from my Ehlers Danlos syndrome far better than almost any pharmaceutical that has been offered. I am so grateful. I also would like to see a future where things like this could be eligible for insurance to treat chronic pain(in order to help with the cost) but i also agree my big fear is it being over regulated by big pharma. Thanks for much for all you do, I can tell you really care about your patients!!

  5. This guys a dumbass calling it marijuana thats the durogatory fbi term given to cannabis in 1930 hemp n cannabis are one in the same thc cbd but why say all that then say marijuana is small part of cannabis industry lmao so smart but yet still so dumb.

  6. I have some questions, if it is an Oil what happen to it inside vains or organs, can be the possibility that get aculate it in some organs or how do you clean the body from residues coming from oils of this density type? Its safe for the liver?

  7. I realized that you use rotary evaporators to remove your ethanol. I can suggest an equipment that will do way more than your rotary evaporators. Please connect me with your Lab manager; I just want to help you become more efficient.

  8. Man we cannot find buyers for hemp. We have over 35 cbd and cbg genetics. 25k land registered and greenhouse. . But no buyers. I been doing hemp since 2016 and it’s not a good market to make money.

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