Welcome to Oaksterdam! The Epicenter of the Marijuana Legalization Movement

Located in the pot-friendly “Oaksterdam” section of Oakland, California, Oaksterdam University aims to teach its students the fundamentals of growing and …


  1. We need to drop cannabis from the scheduling all together because rescheduling it will only protect big production companies not the citizens. Alcohol and tobacco aren't even in the scheduling at all and they are extremely toxic poisons. I'm glad Oaksterdam is trying to educate people so they understand it's not the evil weed the Government has made it out to be but instead it's the most therapeutic non-toxic plant know to mankind.

  2. The society of the United States is largely misinformed and immature on this subject. It would be fine if it was legalized, but there's no way it should be legalized with people thinking that there is no negative effects of smoking marijuana. It is not completely harmless and does have cognitive impairing effects that can harm you in ways that can effect you from awareness all the way to how well you drive. I am all for legalization but there needs to be informing of the public and regulation.

  3. I understand the poltical dynamics that make this necessary, but it's depressing. Americans are begging the Federal Government to tax, rather than imprison them, for doing something that is peaceful and harmless to others. It's absurd to even imagine that the Government should be forced to simply leave them alone. The Endarkenment continues.

  4. @willabeesgotapollo13 i did in North Hollywood…. the cop was like, ummm you know this guy is going through your garbage can over here? Im from Iowa so i was like, shit son! its all gravy! im fried!

  5. @madzane94 The use is people use meth and such will do it anyways. Do you really think those people care if the drug is legal or not? Nope they dont, So instead of the money coming to gang and other criminal organizations that murder,rob,rape and assault, the money goes to the goverment that rehabilitating those who are addicted to these drugs.

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