WEED: Dr Sanjay Gupta MD Report on CNN *Stops Seizures* YOU can do it too. AT: CureYourOwnCancer.org

“Charlotte Figi” has “Dravet Syndrome”, a rare and severe form of epilepsy that causes severe seizures that can and does cause death in far too many cases.


  1. The vail on Cannabinoids will be lifted soon. People are waking up more and more every day to the knowledge. Thanks to docudramas like Cnn's 3 part series and new high profit series that is bringing it to the mainstream.

  2. Marijuana is a medicine.  If I had known how it would have helped mom as she was dying of colon cancer I would have gotten it for her.  Yet, I grew up during the "Just say no." Shoot..I went to anti drug rallies in jr & high school.  But, because of that my mom suffered from the cancer & the chemo treatments; pain, nausea & vomiting, not being able to eat.  I don't agree marijuana should just be used for la de da but if people can drink alcohol they should be able to use cannabis too.  

    And, any pothead I've ever heard of sits on the couch ordering pizza not getting behind the wheel of a car and killing people.  

  3. Hey,Can you please help me get these in India.
    My kid is even in a bad condition than Charlotte. My kids case is with UK epilepsy for further research since Apr14, but theres no diagnosis for his condition till date. The UK doc's have suggested some treatments similar to the lines of Dravet Syndrome but I am unable to get those medicines here in India.
    My kid has been suffering since last 3 years and is completely bedridden. At extremes he has around 70-100 seizures in a day. No treatments have so far been helpful. One of the docs here have suggested to go for cannabies but I have been unable to get it right here.
    Stanley brothers seems to have done it right. Can any one help me to connect with them. This will help save my kid .. who is now 7.5 yrs old.

  4. Only true brain dysfunction that occurs in the brain is from all the GMO'S that come from the products that are made by Monsanto sugar salt and the pills Big Pharmaceutical and alcohol and cig's corporation shove on all for profit not for health  verses marijuana,I will put my trust into mother nature any day over the lying doctors or lying scientist!

  5. we can send people to the moon, and their still rolling that same old bullshit there's too many hoops and hurdles if this can help people then the people need to make it happen, last time i checked those same people are in power serving who ? 

  6. My head injury was healed from cannabis.  I tried it twice in my early twenties and didn't like it…then in my early forties I got a head injury…I basically slept for 8 or 9 years…gained a lot of weight (40 lbs)…thought it was kind of over for me.  Then my son in law told me he heard about cannabis and head injuries.  Well, I had tried many different drugs to try and stay awake and to manage my life better but none worked.  Then I tried cannabis. I smoked it using the inner cardboard from a toilet paper roll because I didn't know where to get a pipe.  HA! HA!…anyway, after a lot of smoking….I WOKE UP!!!  My personality was restored.  I now have a very active happy life.  I haven't smoked regularly in 4 years…but I hope to add it back into my life soon.  It is a wonderful medicine for head injured people.  Oh yes, and I lost all that weight because I am now so active. 

  7. Drug companies do not want CURES they want CUSTOMERS. If people knew you could cure cancer with herbs, produce in the grocery store, and things like….yes, hydrogen peroxide, (I've seen it) you know how much $ they & their stock holders would lose? Then multiply that times how many other diseases and chronic conditions are out there…..they'd all be out of business! I've had 4 PHYSICIANS ON 3 OCCASIONS so far witness the lavender oil I carry with me 24/7 stop my seizures in SECONDS! (Needless to say none of them still know what to say)  🙂  I've also seen it stop migraines in SECONDS -twice on people I've given it to.
    In all the decades we've declared a "war on cancer", why is it that you have a HIGHER risk of getting MORE kinds of cancer than 50 or 60 years ago? No, it's NOT because of the excuse that "people are living longer". If that were the case, kids and people 20 or 30 years old wouldn't be getting it. Think about all the chemicals we're putting in our food & on us today. If you wouldn't put something in your mouth, why is it any safer on your skin?

  8. Also if it truly helps those who are honestly sick ( they prescribed me the pill form but I didn't think it helped my disease,-& I hated that high feeling) but anyhow why don't they make it only available in edible form to remove any harm to the lungs?

  9. The problem is these kids are helpless and actually "need" any cure for relief but the larger percentage getting these cards do not need nor use it for its small medicinal properties.

  10. I agree about this being illegal for a certain reason. They try brain washing others with this being a drug and not okay to some because it's labeled as illegal but just because it's illegal doesn't mean it's not okay. And just because something is legal (alcohol; cigarettes ) means it's okay. I think in a spiritual way they are keeping what God has actually always had here for us to cure our people all along and the enemy (devil on earth ) accuse is it deceiving others as it is a bad plant. When it is the most powerful and greatest to many people's health. #Iloveweed #herblife

  11. nice work Dr Gupta. But seriously, can people start to tell the whole truth! Why does these seizures happen to so many very young children? Check the baby food market I'm 100% sure you will find dangerous chemicals inside it causing all this. GMO, drugs from the pharmacy, chems in the air and lots and lots more that's killing the brain of children.
    +get the fact – YOU CANNOT GET ADDICTED TO WEED! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!  / You only get addicted to the feeling. You know like having sex for the first time, you know you're gonna have to do it again. Mental addiction, loads of people have a addictive personality so would almost get addicted to just about anything. Too much of anything isn't good.
    Unfortunately, It's much safer to give your kid weed to eat than letting him eat takeaways or bread or definitely not pharma drugs.

  12. Amazing! I know no law would ever stop me from trying to save my child's life and esp the ones that have no grounds in factual evidence. I mean really refer madness!?! Tell me if you actually believe marijuana is bad and should be illegal then why the hell would they need to make up bs conditions like refer madness? And why the hell would anyone trust a government that would completely fabricate illnesses purely for its own gain, while taking away life saving medicine from ppl that very much need it and letting them die for decades until only now ppl have forced the fed to recognize our right to medicate with mj?

  13. I have epilepsy.  2 yrs ago my neurologist said you've tried all the medication I have.  I take one,Lamictal, that only works partially.  Not only that but there were nights when I couldn't go to sleep.  Those nights were most nights. I needed a co-med and now I have it, marijuana.  I can sleep soundly with no seizures.   I used to have seizures at night with Lamictal but not anymore.   

  14. ok i've seen the bad side of drugs. the side you don't wanna ever see. but this side. this… this i agree with. children like charlotte. they have no life to begin with. now, on pot, she is normal!

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