Watching My Cannabis Plants Stretch During The First Week Of 12/12

My 4 cannabis plants were 42 days old when the light cycle was flipped to 12/12. We check in at day 45, then speed through until day 50 for another look.


  1. Yea that plant looks great would be my favorite too, but all your plants look great they always do, your a great grower Grammy keep up the good work, try doing some steak training, spread them out, maybe top them might stop the stretch, idk, I don't need to be telling you anything, you already know what your doing that's why I'm always asking you everything, Haha, your awesome Grammy keep it up Pal! Your garden looks good bro, oh yea, the blue dream at your mom's, can't wait to see that it's been awhile, it must look awesome can't wait for that video! My Seeds have germinated and have nice tails so I'll be Planting my Bomb seeds Berry Bomb Auto and Barneys farm PurplePunch today, excited!!!I'll keep you tuned in ✌Grammy!!

  2. Iv learn a ton from you channel my man. I'm a first time grower. Thank god you film your mistakes helped me out alot !! Keep growing and keep learning / teaching 👍

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