Washed & Blasted How Much THC Is Left In Your Buds ?

Have you ever wondered how much THC you were leaving behind after your extraction ? I needed to know for myself so I decided to run a few samples on the …


  1. you should test what comes out of a liquid butane extraction that has been saturated for 30 minutes at 120F. You would have a higher rip and show what is in the plant rather that what was left behind. IE it would all be pulled out. If you really want to show what is left behind all 2 more solvents with butane during the extraction. such as acetone and ethanol.

  2. this video in a way broke my heart lol I felt like a crack head playing bingo waiting to see those results and hoping for lower left over results definitely made me 're-evaluate my techniques. big thanks john!! "work isn't work when u enjoy what your doing" "living the dream"

  3. I'm surprised there's so much THC left in the material.. Have you figured out a way to reuse the "bubble " material or a way to further extract more THC from it.. that sure seems like a lot to be tossing out but not really efficient to cook with.. "sorry for all the noob questions" I love your channel John.. Thanks for putting all this info out there for us 😀

  4. is this why cali douche bags sell blasted buds at dispensaries….. your test didn't show how much benzene that is now added…causing bloody craps, deafness, bloody lungs, pounding heads and miserable patients…. how great! it's just great!

  5. You have no business being in a lab. You can't make effective calculations with a shitty dealer scale, and that's just the beginning. You really don't have a fucking clue what you're doing.

  6. we dont know how many times you ran tane through your material. some purists run less tane to get "nicer" bho, some grind their buds, some run whole buds. others run more tane through the same amount of material to extract the max amount of thc. my guess is, the more you grind and run your material the more you extract. it's just surface area

  7. ok bro i love this i seen the first one and this one but i want to see the LONG one where ya get fresh bubble hash and fresh BHO …this is so cool man .but i did not like the fact you said it was just a hobby you should send all this info off and let the world know what ya thinking on that part ,i mean you will have all the paper work ???

  8. was the bho sample open blasted or closed loop? and just like you I would be testing everything I could find  resin from my flower pipe and bong,and then my reclaim from all the different products out there from bho to dry sift sooo many questions I envy your opportunity and stoked to watch your experiments  thanks for doing what it takes to film it all for us Its gotta be extra effort and I appreciate it have a good one c u in church tomorrow

  9. BHO i always found more heavier but this shows that Bubble hash leaves alots of thc but BHO dont makes me feel better that with BHO you have a better chance to extract all the thc/thc-a/CBD/CBN that we all love so why all the hate on BHO if your able to perge all the solvent out than why are people hating on BHO.

  10. Hey John, interesting analysis, love your work. The only thing that struck me was that you could make the tests even more thorough by either using a new 'mother sample' for each individual test going into the machine and still run just 3 tests per product or go full boonah and run 3×3 with a new mother sample for each of the 3 tests and then average them out.

    This way you could minimise, factor out or eliminate the possibility that a starting mother sample grind could contain a small 'clump of concentrated 'goodnes' that could give you a scewed reading. Jeeso, I hope this makes sense cause it certainly would make more work!

    Your definitely a conoisor of medical marijuana (MM, MMCard) and 1 of the few making video content about the use that's not clearly just taking advantage of the law and making videos of themselves just simply getting baked. Some are waving the MMC to get stoned and talk about 'this hash and these dabs and that oil and this flower and they never/hardly ever refer to the reasons why the got prescribed MM or talk about it in a medicinal context.

    I would love to be in a position to get a MMC to try MM for pain management of my degenerative disc disease (lower back) but we are a bit behind the wave here in the UK.

    Keep up the good work.

    Peace, out.

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