Wake & Bake America 653 Freeze Drying Cannabis & Is Cannabis Legalization Working

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  1. Make your own freeze dryer for about 500$ and it'll be the size you want. Need a deep freezer and a two stage pump vacuum chamber and a water collection container. Diy vids all over YouTube

  2. Off rip I can tell you that you're better off freeze drieing and sifting the trics rather than the fresh frozen bubble. But if you do the bubble freeze drying first then running the bubble works best. Test your self with small amount so you have your favorite but I done all three and freeze dried and dry sifted on silkscreen works best for turpine profile taste and smells. Takes a little more warming and kneading to get it to hash but taste phenomenal

  3. did you guys talk about anything in the Title? I wasn't really paying attention I was in the kitchen pigging out then you talking about dudes asses in tight ass pants and im like wtf is on in there

  4. I’ll tell you the truth man I start to get in my zone then the break comes and I will be honest I do fast forward it. So in my opinion yes we would love some extra talking instead of breaks. More info for the brain!!!

  5. Hi Scotty, I went to my hydro store today and they said you never sent the recharge sample for me.
    We spoke before the MI cannibis cup Last Month, and you said my sample would be sent to Grow Green in Livonia,MI.
    did someone grab my sample or did you forget ?

  6. Hey guys! I think the breaks are fine but sometimes they're way too long. One or two minutes is fine, but sometimes they're like 4 mins long, which is kind of annoying.

    I think it's rad that Scotty gets the cover parodies done, they're good stuff! But maybe you only play ~half the song and then fade into the show? Kind of like a radio broadcast.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. DUDE!!!! 😭 We'll miss you GROWER πŸπŸ’šπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦βœŒ SCOTTY!!!!!! GURU!!!! EVERYBODY in the house Hit the BONG πŸ˜‚πŸπŸ’šβœŒπŸ‘. SCOTTY that portable shiter story πŸ˜‚πŸ€˜

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