Wake & Bake America 646 Emergency Landings, Willie Nelson, & Canadian Legalization

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  1. 😆😆😆 What a curve ball, Dude’s breakfast bowl being some shrooms. Although I used to finish my bags of shrooms that way as a youngin, unfortunately smoking mushrooms doesn’t have much effect if any. And inhaling spores into a warm and moist environment, i.e the lungs, may not be great for you. On a related note though I’m all for microdosing. Today is Day 5 microdosing psilocybin for anxiety and depression, and I can already see changes in myself for the better. Fuck taking numerous pills with god-knows-how-many side effects, I’d rather take something from the earth whenever possible. Mentally I have more energy and can keep a level head when sorting out my emotions and believe me with how rough this week started that is a gigantic improvement. In the past psych meds took me a minimum of a few weeks to a month to get to this point, and as I’ve always been hesitant to take the meds I’ve always ended up right back where I started. Keep it natural folks and fuck Big Pharma✌️

  2. The adroit skills that the young man flying his bong drone is proof that cannabis neither impairs the mind nor body and clearly enhances creativity, too ! Hey, I used to do upside down bongs…however, that required an assistant.

  3. I would rather attempt to change things, politically, at the municipal or county level than the federal level any day. Centralized control diminishes the individual's ability to affect change and increases the efficiency of corporate influence. Instead of a pharma company paying off an influential U.S. senator, they will have to deal with many more of the bastards. It is much easier for the People to talk to a local politician than one of a federal nature. Local politicians have to live amongst their constituents. Getting the fed out of the way will make it easier for people to be able to grow their own where they live, provided the People get involved. Part of Trump's platform was state's rights. We'll see if he lives up to it.

  4. Most of youtube's censorship is coming from the 10,000 people that they had the ADL hire to review channels. Alternative news and cannabis were the main focus. That was in addition to their algorithms. Many purposes to the censorship. No accident.

  5. Letting individual provinces choose wether or not they want cannabis in their towns. I a HUGE mistake!
    Oregon or Washington, dont memeber which. But they did the same thing recently.
    Marty from Growing with Fishes show. Got screwed by that law. He was a caregiver and grew outdoors for years until they left it up to the counties to decide if they want cannabis there.
    Well try decided they dont want anyone growing outside and dont want to be able to smell or see cannabis.
    They face fines for being reported. So he cant provide meds for his peps anymore!
    Thats fucked up!

  6. The same thing you are talking about with the federal legalization is the same thing that will be happening on the state level (for most states eventually) anyways. You just dont see their names on it is all. If this happens you will just see who the backers actually are.

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