Wake & Bake America 1093: Making Peace With Germs & Using Cannabis For The First Time

Hang Out Live With The Dude & Scotty Real For Todays Episode Of Wake & Bake America To Talk About Making Peace With The Complex World Of Germs And …


  1. You have to say "I hope you have a nice day". That way it's not a order and cranky old ladies will be preemptively checkmated. They'll have to reply "why thank you, young man, I am no longer cranky because of you, here, take this $100 bill, I insist".

  2. I can't believe I got my comment read! I think that's the only comment I've left on this channel since I started listening about a month ago(heard about DGC from Rasta Jeff) and that's the one that gets read. I think I'm always gonna be remembered for that Lmao. I wish I still had the video to upload, everyone here would've loved it!

  3. Listening to doctors when it comes to nutrition is like taking advice from a circus clown on how to fix your jet engine. If you actually have the right nutrition for your body, your doctor goes out of business. Your illness is their cash cow. For example, doctors recommend that those with type 2 diabetes each a diet rich in grains and fruit. Type 2 diabetes is caused by fat being stored in the pancreas which physically blocks the release of insulin into the bloodstream. Eating grains and fruit signal the body to store more fat, making the blockage worse. Don't you worry though, because there's a pill for that.

  4. bahahahahaa… all three of my plants smell like feet, three different strains, completly differnt in every way, a friend was sayin there maybe a cheese cross in there somewhere but hey…bag seeds. thank you for explaining the boveda for everyone, there is no comparison for curing,also if the package is hard or going hard exchange it, usually 30-60 days but at first part of cure keep an eye you may have started the cure with a lil higher humidity. stay safe and take care

  5. You guys should try to get Kevin jordey the owner of wonderland nursery in himbolt on the show. He is a wizard with genetics and terpes. It would be awesome to see him and guru get all scientific together. Always great episode. And I’m loving the recharge it breaks down nicely in the compost tea✌🏽

  6. I use Recharge and one grow bag grew a couple of long hard circumcised dick looking yellow mushrooms and I freaked out and yanked them out and then started thinking I should have let them grow some more because they looked cool. If they come back I'm going to leave them alone. I think they were anchored to the main stem but the plant didn't care. Should I eat them?

  7. Thank you for the belly laugh of the day. The dog shit flip flop shovel story was brilliant! Also, except for going out and about, I don't use antibacterial/hand sanitizer. You need to develop antibodies. Remember War of the Worlds? We learn to live with the things around us.

  8. I have one jar just for my Boveda packs when not in use. I dribble a tiny bit of water into this jar once in a while and the water is gone in less than a day. Talking like 15-20ml. The packs stay nice and liquid. The myth that they take terps is silly… If anything my packs add terps now after years of the same 20 packs.

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