1. WROOONNNNNNNGGG! higher % and levels of THC do NOT mean that ones affects are felt! I personally haven't had much of a difference from ROA. But the shit these kids are vaping gets u more high than 100% THC! WHY? Cuz it's NOT THC! It's mixed or cut or they add something research chem versions of THC. Vaping in actuality gets me less high than smoking cuz there's less cannabinouds to activate the THC ffs if u don't smoke or havebt ever even and or are just fkn ignorant then stfu about it cuz ya got no accurate true info! unlike THOSE of us who do! Smh sooo much disinfo

  2. no it does not get you higher i have just started vaping and the high is no way near as strong as smoking it maybe if you vape a bunch of weed one session after another then yeah you will get higher but you will end up using loads more bud faster

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