1. could be?? look at san fran.. it could cause no problems other than people losing jobs and money for corrupt bullshit that david states… motherfuckers can get a decent job somewhere else…bail bondsman with no fucking education rolling around in cadillacs making way to much money for nothing… fucking corrupt pissees me off i dont know why people dont get the fuck up and get sludge hammers and knock their shit down… right down!!

  2. I wonder how many people will die in the 10-20 years before a total cure of cancer is extracted from cannabis. Those 10-20 years that could have been avoided if the government had moved on this issue. They're literally not moving at all. We're literally sitting here waiting for them to die off.

  3. Bail bondsmen are the most evil characters you'll ever encountered. Covered in jewels and big gold rings, a twinkle of greed in their eyes and smile. Whores for the downfall of America and the incarceration of a generation.

  4. Marijuana is safer than alcohol. You are all acting like it is a horrible thing but a shit load of people have died from drinking. Marijuana helps people feel better. It brings happiness. 

    If somebody had a drug addiction people immediatly treat them like thugs and bad people. If someone has a drinking addiction then they are still treated like a normal person.

    People who drink are more likely to abuse their family. If marijuana is illegal then drinking alcohol should be illegal.

    Just legalize marijuana already….

  5. Imagine if Marijuana was legalized, regulated and taxed federally the same as cigarettes, alcohol and gasoline and states were allowed to add a state tax on top of that. States would be awash in money and could eliminate their State Income Tax and the Federal Income Tax could be lowered for the 98% and both would still have a budget in the black. On second thought, never mind the tax cuts, the Military Machine still must be fed.

  6. why do we always have to be looking for medical uses for marijuana to justify its use? Why can't we just legalize it because people like to smoke it for fun? What the hell happened to that whole "pursuit of happiness" ideal the early Americans had?

  7. I see Kevin Sabet has dropped by to offer a thumbs down. Whatsa matter Kev? Propaganda machine breaking down?
    Better get a real job and stop sucking that lobby money teat.

  8. It is also has proven efficacy in epilepsy, MS, and a host of other things. Because it works so well in epilepsy they have developed a drug called Epidiolex http://www.gwpharm.com/Epidiolex.aspx which is an orphan drug for kids that have intractable epilepsy (and presumably adults as well). And because it's a high CBD low THC (or 1:1 effectively), they can't get stoned on it. And their seizures often either slow or stop. keep in mind some of these kids could have a hundred or more seizures a day. One of these syndromes is called Dravet's syndrome, and it is known for poor seizure control and often ends up taking the kid's life.

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