Uncle Pete and Amy Jo Clark @ Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer Concert

When a discovery comes along of this magnitude that potentially can help millions of cancer patients the news must be spread and shared. The pharmaceutical …


  1. I don't condone Weed ! But I do condone Mineralites and earthly all natural that is of existence I've got a book for all cures of any Governmented diseases that they made and put into human beings society / spread out with with their FDA poisoning !. Shame on one world way globalist cancer feeding meds controlled environments !. Farming a plant isn't the answer too farmers of a evil nature !. But as well none shall cross the threads of Righteousness from wrongfulness that they see the differences in !.

  2. cannabis oil is the only thing that makes my ear pain normal and allows me to function… its stronger than tylenol 3 or any other pain killers ive tried yet its a lot safer and makes me actually feel good, i dont eat it i smoke it 🙂

    The ancient structure Cannabinoid Receptor (C R) goes back 3.4 Billion Years when sulfate-reducing Bacteria (PMID: 17159985) became active (PMID: 11539502) Endocannabinoid System (PMID: 19456333) 600+ Million Years and Hemp/Cannabis 34 Million Years of age. That the UNKNOWN Creator(s) created, unites humans (no matter which Theoretical Religion one follows) as well as animals and plants (PMID: 16596778) hypothesized that C R were lost in insects (PMID: 11447587)

  4. hey, cheryl.. i hope you dont mind but i posted your comment on my facebook page.. im so glad you have been cured.. i tried to give it to my mother, who also was named cheryl, but the hospital wouldnt allow it and they prevented us from taking her home to give her the oil.. i showed the dr run from the cure and that was my mistake..he thought i meant hempseed oil but when he seen it was the bud he backed out..i still make oil for any1 i know that wants it.. but cheers mate your an inspiration

  5. Please UNBLOCK my 2 You Tube channels from making comments within your videos. If you need further clarification about me please feel free to contact Rick Simpson, Jindrich Bayer, Janet Sweeney or Dr. Melamede!

  6. Good video! Even though Rick SImpson helped bring it back, but it shouldn't be called Simpson Oil cause actually it is that Oil that Jesus taught about(Mark 6:13) They anointed the sick with oil and healed them. The forgotten knowledge is returning!!!

  7. RUN FROM THE CURE – The President of U.S.A. Barack Obama Story
    U.S.A. Patent 20110117216* (Anti-Tumoural Effects of Cannabinoid Combinations).
    *"The use of a combination of cannabinoids, particularly tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), in the manufacture of a medicament for use in the treatment of cancer. In particular the cancer to be treated is a brain tumour, more particularly a glioma, more particularly still a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)."

  8. Such a positive message, love Amy’s healing story plus Uncle Pete being there for her. So glad she is still here with us and in good health,, no thanks to federal prohibition against her blessed cure. Nothing but the best for all the Uncle Pete's out there who's generous actions speak for themselves. These people make me proud to be an American.

  9. What an absolute blessing to hear Amy's testimony! I have HepC and now have liver cancer..I just found out that my tumor has grown and they want to start me on who-knows-what! I was taking what I thought was RSO, but I'm not wholly sure it was made properly. How do you find out such a thing? Amy has confirmed for me that I should try it again..but now I am at a loss as to where to find it. I do have my Arizona MMJ card..but I am alone in this and appreciate any help…thank you:)xxo

    "I had Ovarian Cancer surgery, Cancer treatment for 4 years, 7 surgeries. On Intravenous Morphine and 27 Pharmaceuticals for pain. I couldn't go to the bathroom, brush my hair by myself. Then I heard about The Rick Simpson Story and met Dr. Melamede, Cannabis Science and Dr. Sweeney, Phoenix Tears Foundation I spent a month with them going through treatment. I learned how to make and use Cannabis Oil, 90 days bedridden to working full-time Cannabis saved my life"
    Cheryl Shuman

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