Trump's ABC Town Hall Was Filled with Lies: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the president participating in an ABC town hall with undecided voters last night where he lied as often as he breathed. Late Night with …


  1. While the human race is advancing and evolving, only in one spot on
    earth, just in the United States of idiots, that human species is going
    backward and doing all it can to "devolve" and get dumber and more
    stupid ! its actually hard work to intentionally get more dumb and more
    stupid than the generation before them but people in United States of
    Idiots, are doing a good job in getting fatter and dumber! They probably
    choose "Ralf" from the Simpsons, to their next President and Idiot in
    chief! Trump is their Genius, wait and see how dumber this country will
    get in the future!!!

  2. This is a late night comedy host? And this guy talks about how others look and behave? This is how a grown man behaves? his whole career revolves around blasting trump and he sits in judgement of other while claiming to represent "GODS LOVE"? WOW!! can you say hypocritical loon?

  3. Donald The Virus Trump Is Americas Extinction Level Event
    200,000 Dead
    6.8 Million Infected And Rising
    Worst Health Crisis And Economic Crisis Housing Crisis In History Haven't We Suffered Enough Under This Diseased Maniac

  4. You are a sick man to accuse him of lying. You people are so lost! The Media has lied about China and the slavelabor camps that Trump is ending and bringing back US companies that are using the slave camps for profit! Or the Human Trafficking agreement he has with Germany, and the slave markets in Lybia he is stopping! And they call him a racist! How about all these wonderful things he's done! And health care look at the price tag on medications today. Hello he removed the tax on poor people who can't afford health care! That tax was his biggest problem with Obamacare and he has handled it. And check out who pays all these fact checking companies it's the same media telling you lies about Trump and the fact checkers are nothing more than Trump slandering sites it is only focused on the destruction of one man! It's sick! And everyone watch medical reports on HCQ Henry Ford institute research proves that it works. Media suppression is real. I live in Portland jerk! My city is under attack by the Children of the Corn and you make jokes. These people are evil!. He was the boring guy at Studio 54 by the way they tried to get him and honey traps and it didn't work do you research people this guy's an idiot.

  5. Yeah, lies like his record helping Blacks after authoring the 94 crime bill that gave many of them LIFE SENTENCES for weed, or saying he didn't want his kids in a "Racial Jungle" when opposing busing. OH WAIT, that was BIDEN …. sorry.

  6. Mr. so-called wartime President have you heard that the Pandemic of 1918 influenza has not gonna way
    it on its way back, to join up with its other invisible Enemy COVID 2019, and both its leaders are counting their blessing that they have a commandeering chief like you.

  7. What about the health care plan Bunker down promised us? Where is it don? You promised it and never delivered, you didn't even talk about anymore hoping ppl would forget. Just a reminder Mr. president, WHERE IS OUR HEALTH PLAN ? Biden already has one and it is as solid as a rock.

  8. At least Trump is breathing How can you not make fun of Biden? No wonder I never listened to you/ I just watched three hours of Biden's lies and I amused myself for months with his gaffes Now that is funny

  9. Is this where we're headed? 1. sell your brand via propaganda, and create re-education camps; 2. create and outer order an inner order of police to enforce party ideas, and to use violence if necessary; 3. render the outer order ineffectual unless they comply with the secret police, eliminate intellectuals on BOTH ends of the political spectrum = kill them; 3. solidify Nationalism with compliance and unquestioning allegiance to the Party and the Nation, etc., etc. And then what, president for life Trump allows Putin to walk right in and suck whatever influence and resources remain right out from under the American people? I think I see a pattern, an agenda…

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