1. I don't understand 1:00 If a plant has deficiency, and begins to cannibalize a lower leaf, why do we remove that leaf early? wont it just start sucking nutrients from a higher leaf? Why not let the plant take the nutrients first, and then prune that leaf afterward? I'm a noob, just curious

  2. I don't understand the reasoning behind cutting the leaves and lower branches because " they take away energy from the plant" I'm not criticizing you I'm just puzzled. I thought leaves made energy for the plant? Also if the lower leaves are dying from nutrient deficiency at 4 weeks then the EC is too low or the nutrient mix itself is lacking .

  3. Hey good vid. But I'm wondering is it best to only prune smaller amounts at one time? Or will doing 1/3 shock the plant potentially slowing growth for a while? I've been trimming slowly since I already shocked mine a couple of times and can't afford to slow growth down anymore at this point. Also I'm using surgical scissors so is that alright or would a scalpel or razor blade be better?

  4. I've found that slowly restricting light in increments like that takes the plant alot longer to flower. Thd stress of a sudden 12 12 is what throws the plant into flower.

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