1. im growing white widow in a tall plastic paint bucket and zombie kush in a window planter box (rectangular, long and short) in my apartment, it's going ok but the growth has been stunted of course because they don't receive all the nutrients from outside, like they would in the ground and open air, but i have had them in my south facing window for 3 months now and have fed them plant nutrients for foilage and will feed them flowering nutrients also, i have to admit, they smell nice and stinky and dopey, makin my mouth water with your plants bruv, best of luck to you, good job!! (ps what part of UK you from, my mums from Edinburgh scotland

  2. Been following you on Instagram for a while, had no idea that you had a YouTube channel 👍🏼 what are your opinions on topping/fimming autos? Is it worth it or does it slow down its limited growth period?

    Cheers 🍺

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