1. New grower here . Information overload is my current status. I am just at the seedling stage. I have 2 there maybe 1-2 inches tall. I have more questions than i know how to organize/process the info. If you are willing to aid me in my first adventure with tips tricks general beginners knowledge etc… i would be very grateful. can you add me on facebook possibly so i can maybe message you more directly. Aswell as show progress ,share notes etc. My link is https://www.facebook.com/jay.lima.921025 thanks for your time. I hope to see your request on my page

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  3. DUDE!!!! Your comment about farmers Topping and discovering F.I.Ming is fucking great dude. I really got a lot from the video, and the F.I.M did great. Also thank you for touching on cutting the fan leaves in have and letting the canopy underneath breathe better

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