Top Dressing Manure Design For Marijuana Cultivation

To bottle feed my babies or buy expensive soil? Naw that’s tricking off money. Ok cool if you got it. But if you can’t afford it then what? What’s better for you chem …


  1. I usually use rabbit shit since it has higher npk than almost every manure, usually i think the npk is 2.0n 1.6p .6k i use it and it is amazing, dont even really need to compost it just mix like 1.5lbs in a 5 gal bucket with some good soil from around your yard or in some seedling soil so that it wont burn your plants, pretty good stuff

  2. Hey nattie , I ordered som seed that just arrived is it too late to plant them ? I have a small garden want to expand it a lil , I live in so cal and they are som og kush seeds , would I still pull a decent yield?

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