Thoughts on Smoking CBD Bud Instead of THC Weed

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  1. As a nation we are finally getting to a point where weed is pretty much decriminalized and legal , and now everyone is trying to convince everyone that weed is bad wtf , if it were back to being highly illegal everyone would be all about it . I mean smoke if you want too, not an all the time thing , makes me feel dull and lazy which sometimes is cool ,on a weekend before bed etc , cbd though is a pain reliever and a medicine not for recreational.

  2. Great review 👍.I completely agree with you on smoking CBD and wanting to go back to smoking real weed I literally just smoked like 10 minutes ago. My brother gave it to mebecause he knew I was getting off of the real deal he told me it was only 0.3 or 5% so I just parked some up and I know exactly where you're saying I can already see in this wanted me to smoke more to try toand I know exactly where you're saying I can already see in this wanted me to smoke more to try to achieve a high. S*** it even smells like it so much. It brings back those old nostalgic memories that goes along with smoking weed. So yeah to each their own but I definitely going to have to dish the rest of this if I really want to stay away from smoking weed over again

  3. I think that if you are smoking cbd buds for getting high I don't think is a good idea because cbd is more therapeutic treating anxiety,pain depression and other issues related with health and well-being now if you're followed the high feel that is not for you brother

  4. I think CBD is perfect for people that don’t enjoy that intense high that THC gives, if you are trying to use CBD to help you quit smoking THC weed then you definitely shouldn’t, you need to just have self control and not smoke. But for me I never liked the intense head high of smoking THC weed so CBD was perfect for me and I’ve never been interested in smoking THC weed since. Not to mention the quality of the CBD is on a COMPLETELY different level than buying THC weed from a plug and just taking their word on what it is as far as it’s strain. CBD you have a plethora of choices you know if it’s grown indoor or outdoor, they even send you percentages of its composition.

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