This Is Why You Can't Get Anything Done (Scientifically Seen) And How To Fix It

This Is Why You Can’t Get Anything Done (Scientifically Seen) And How To Fix It* I think we all know that feeling: that you just can’t get anything done. You have …


  1. If you fix these four things, your brains are totally optimized for success. You will be more motivated, you will have more energy, you'll be unstoppable, there will be no more limits and you'll be sharp and ready to rock at all times. Let me know your thoughts on this video!

  2. Literally true! Instant gratification messed human up and not going through the challenges needed to really reach the next level in our lives (to discipline our body and mind to do things that are challenging for us! I love that line!)! NATURE IS THE BEST DOPAMINE 😉 AHAH YES don't watch TV but do watch YOUTUBE XD That crack me up XD The Obsession part is literally the key to help one let go of all the other noise and put the entire energy on one focus. That focus brings back even more energy back into the body which able to work more effortlessly without losing strength to keep on moving forward! I can't wait your video channel to continue reach more people to change their lives for the better <3 God Bless You M.Y.L. <3

  3. "You should totally binge watch my channel." My favourite line. hahah It's actually pretty crazy how much time we spend watching screens – whether it's TV, computer or smart phones. Definitely need to find purpose and motivation which can really help us focus and get off our smart phones. I've found actually doing my YouTube channel has helped me stay off personal social media because I'm so focused but now I"m always on YouTube hahha Great topic and great video. Loved the background!!

  4. I think smartphones can be one of the most detrimental things in our lives and to our productivity. I have very strong feelings about this topic as I’ve seen them have so many negative impacts in our lives, just like social media can actually cause people to become antisocial in their real world lives. Very valuable video covering this topic and more!

  5. This reminds me of a few Simon Sinek speeches that I listened to a few years ago. The phone screen/notifications give you that hit of dopamine. I started to notice that this was a problem when it just became a habit to pull out my phone and hit certain apps and just start scrolling! And doing this for no apparent reason or even when I would be hanging out with people/pretty much just everywhere!

  6. Great stuff mate! Mark Twain — 'Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.' – I think if you love what you do, you will never work a day!

  7. yea sometimes I notice I am too attach to checking my phone. So I make sure I have breaks in btw. So I can focus on my daily goals. good advice and tips and yea YOUTUBE is good so we can binge watch your channel lol. Yea we just got to be obsessed with the right thing!

  8. Great video Wes! I would say I've worked on (and continue to work on) every single point you've mentioned. I find it's sometimes when I start getting complacent – when things are going well – when I actually have to maintain focus on these things. I like to say – simplify but then go all in.

  9. Food and nutrition have this weird affect on me. Like I love it but if I get in this habit of eating all the unhealthy stuff it really messes with my flow. I love the idea of restructuring where you get your dopamine hits and the feeling of earning it.

  10. Hi Wes!!!

    Good video, I want to watch it a few times as you suggest.

    I noticed that "smartphone" is one of my best time-killers…I want to smash it to the wall xDDD It's not the fix to the problem but, positive thinking here is that I noticed that problem.

    From all the reasons you talk in the video, number 1 is 100% my problem (the others I can say that are 90% controlled).

    I want to say one more thing: your videos are improving each week, love them so much, for sure. And I see that you worked so hard on the blog, it's great too.

    Maybe I'll try to say f*çck off to IG xD

    Salute my friend!

    – Chema –

  11. I personally find it super hard to do something I don't like. We gotta find the things we love to do. I believe your channel will be as successful as you want it to be dude. It's super hard to get rid of distractions tho. 🙃

  12. im loving this side to your videos these days. theres only so many pullups you can watch someone do lol but watching this type of stuff is great to hear you speak. that lazy no energy feeling is one i became accustomed to a few times and it can be hard to get out of but thankfully it passes with the right mindset

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